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Halsey - Manic (3rd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. The songs since Nightmare are... technically nice, but they're never the reason I went to Halsey's music in the first place. It's great for her well-being that she didn't have that anger/emotion that fuelled the first two albums, but as a result everything just lacks a little bit of bite. Other people do what she's currently doing better.
  2. I think some of the album tracks will have a little bite. Song titles like I HATE EVERYBODY and killing boys indicates some anger. And its possible I'm Not Mad will be sarcastic in its title.
  3. Actually it isn’t. According to one very trustful insider, the album has some emo-rock 2000 vibe tracks.
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  4. That makes me happy but WHY ISN'T NIGHTMARE ON THE ALBUM?!
    I get that it "wasn't" a hit, but it still got to number 15, and probably could've done better if it had been give more of a push from the label.
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  5. Dddd I read the first interview again earlier today.
    Lowkey excited for this.
  6. Halsey has a Popjustice account confirmed.
    @Ashprime where you at
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  7. 21CA8487-5DEB-4399-805A-092C65BEDDA0.png A2E84F60-ADFF-4708-8823-F74EA83C3C08.png F251CD5E-450F-4DA0-BE7F-7C0CBB172001.png F41A8A51-2BDF-40FC-AFCC-9901539F3142.png
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  8. Perched for 3am and Alanis’ Interlude. Cant wait!
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  10. She's referring to Experiment On Me which is going to be on the Birds Of Prey soundtrack.


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  11. RJF


    Is Peter even active on Twitter at the moment?
  12. Disney-bro dance duo Phantoms released “5AM” last summer, of which vox sound a lot like Halsey, and would’ve pole-vaulted onto chart like “Without Me”; another slow burn with chorus melody also for months against souring synths. Wish her upcoming cut “3AM” was this one. Anyone agree?
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  13. You Should Be Sad is the best thing she’s released this side of Nightmare, and the best thing from this album since Without Me.

  14. Was planning to check out Manic on Friday, but a Rob Sheffield endorsement is almost always a sign that I will hate the album, so now I'm not so sure...
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  15. Rob likes just about everything, to be fair. He just has a weird way of talking about it. This looks like a more straightforward review than his usual.
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  16. I guess music journalists have to get paid somehow nowadays...
  17. That photo they used in the review looks like a Lana outtake from the National Anthem video dd
  18. I still find it hard to believe this is out in, like, three days.

    What are the predictions for the album?
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