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Halsey - Manic (3rd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Stanning this vintage Vivienne Westwood moment

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  2. RJF


    I don't... understand anything about this album campaign. Like, where is she this week exactly? She has a nearly empty UK tour to sell tickets for and only about seven weeks left to do it. Is the same in the US? Where are these girls? Why are they sitting on their socials just preaching to the choir? Why wasn't this album out last year? I can't at the amount of girls just throwing their albums out there in the middle of January to sink and then presumably fuck off even further.
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  3. Isn't the O2 pretty much sold out? There are no seats left on Level 1 at all from what I can see
  4. It's one thing she doesn't seem to be promoting this extensively at the usual promo stops, but I just don't feel like there's much hype about this release in general either. Well, I guess it's just one of these things that are hard to gauge.

    Was she confirmed to be performing at the Grammys? I forgot.
  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    At least she seems super relaxed this campaign compared to the last two.
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  6. Remember when she not only had a #1 from this album but it held the longest stay in the Top 10 for a female in fucking forever?

    Yeah, neither does the public because it was released two years ago.
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  7. RMK


    This album is shaping up to be quite all over the place, and her worst release, but the highlights will likely be decent enough. Without Me, Graveyard, and You Should Be Sad are great.

    At this point, she has absolutely huge singles to her name, and her albums have all charted extremely well, so maybe that has to do with her relaxed energy? I do admire that she's taking risks artistically with songs like Nightmare and You Should Be Sad (despite many steering in this sort of country-direction once and awhile), and not being too obsessed with repeating the formulas of what worked for past singles.
  8. I mean, it’s called Manic for that very reason
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  9. even just with what we've heard so far, there's no way this will be worse than Badlands.
  10. I wouldn't really call her singles absolutely huge. A few. Not the majority by any means.
  11. I’m confused how this is supposedly shaping up to be her worst release when you just said pretty much all the released tracks so far are great @RMK
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  12. RMK


    I liked BADLANDS. The highs might be higher on this project, but besides the cringe surrounding it and New Americana I bopped.
    I mean, it fits the bill. But if I'm remembering correctly, the title Manic was around for the purely emo-rock inspired album too.
  13. Those tracks are still there. And the album was always going to be “all over the place” even then, which is why we keep questioning why she left “Nightmare” off. She spoke specifically about there being a country influence on it last summer.
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  14. RMK


    (dd) Okay drag me. I've liked every song on her past releases, and I'm not liking Beautiful Stranger, Clementine, or the Interlude. Considering I already don't like some, it feels like a low.
  15. Can I keep blaming the wisp of a scent of a threat of an Adele release for this, or do we have a reason now why it kept happening last year? It really is shocking how many pop stars up and shoved all their Q4 releases to January for no reason whatsoever
  16. Okay, but that’s two tracks and... an interlude out of a 16 track album, which you also already enjoy three songs on
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  17. RMK


    Yes, but compared to Hopeless Fountain Kingdom or Badlands that's two tracks I dislike compared to her other entire projects (sans Interludes, we don't need to count them), that I'm passing on already. The material, for me personally, was stronger going into those albums.
  18. Ddd I'm over here thinking this will end up being her best album yet, despite loving her first two. I know we all love a good cohesive album, but I'm really excited for the manic amount of sounds she's exploring, and I think her hopefully being in a better place mentally speaking will give something that her first two don't have. Also, Without Me, Graveyard and You should be sad are some of her best songs, and Finally//beautiful stranger is grea4, clementine is cute, so I have high hopes. It'd be that much better if Nightmare was included, but I've decided to just accept her saying that she's not angry anymore, at least until I hear the full album.

    The back cover looks really good.
  19. I still can't believe she has an album called Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.
  20. I don't get what she was going for with You Should Be Sad or Finally at all. The visuals are also just okay (that new video was like some weird Gaga fever dream of You and I, Telephone, G.U.Y. with some Joanne thrown in). Nightmare was so exciting, I don't really understand what happened.

    Graveyard felt like a feeble attempt to replicate Without Me. Clementine... the less said the better. It's a shame because I was on the frontline telling people to stan Halsey since 2016 but she's made me wonder why with this new era.
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