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Halsey - Manic (3rd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. I mean she was a lot nicer than I would’ve been.
  2. Love it when queen Halsey snaps, and tears assholes apart.

    Also, I hate myself. I had the oppurtunity to get this album on vinyl, and went with Paramore's RIOT! instead...which I love, but I keep returning to this, and I don't know when I'm getting that oppurtunity again, and I want it.
  3. This leaked. She said it’s about 6 years old

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  4. This post with the deleted insta... scream.
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  5. Ooooo I really like this! She does pop-rock so well, and this wouldn't be completely out of place on Manic I think, but can see why it was left off BADLANDS.
  6. aux


  7. I wouldn’t hate if she re-recorded it and put it out with harder production, it’s really good.
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  8. I would love that to be honest.
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  9. Your pussy’s a WONDERLAND...

    And I could be a better man - it doesn’t matter to ME!


    The gender/sexual fluid anthem we all NEED.
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  10. “Experiment on Me” is insane. She needs to give us that angry album at some point.
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  11. “Experiment On Me” makes me want to drop kick someone
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  12. This slaps so fucking hard
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  13. aux


    Oh wow. Oh wow. This is a banger.
  14. I won’t be surprised if she ends up on the new My Chemical Romance album
  15. HOLY SHIT at Experiment On Me. I was not fucking ready. I love Manic, but I need that angry album now.
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  16. No lie I was getting a real My Chemical Romance vibe from Manic, no wonder I enjoy it so much.
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  17. She’s such a stan. It’d be a cute pairing


  18. She has the perfect voice for rock in general. Hopefully she explores this direction in the future.
  19. Hmmm might have to snatch tickets

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