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Halsey - Manic (3rd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Experiment On Me is a mega banger. I need more* of these pop girls to go to the hilt with this sound already.

    *don't @ me with Poppy videos
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  2. Whew I'm glad I got tickets to the show, but I'm curious how they'll scale it for an amphitheater. Hopefully she keeps Haunting
  3. I don't get it? Is that the girl?
  4. The staging of the tour looks pretty incredible. Big pop gorl vibes!
  5. I had a ticket for the Madrid show but sadly had to sold it because I couldn't go. All the visuals specially for Graveyard look beautiful, I wish I had gotten to see it in person.
  6. Okay but I feel like you’d like Sick of the Sun.
  7. Oh I love Poppy's album! I meant I wanted even more pop girls taking that route since I've already been bopping to her.
  8. Poppy's doing it best, Grimes is great when she wants to be, but Halsey really needs to make a rock album next. I want more screams.
  9. Have you tried PVRIS?

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  10. Experiment On Me feels like a long lost The Prodigy song and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It does go off but it also feels like noise just for the sake of it.
  11. You Should Be Sad broke the UK top 20 last week at 17 and is 14 in today's mids. I'm so glad it's doing well, my song of the year to date.
  12. Ashley would make a great single.
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  13. Yeah it would, I think. As long as 3am gets a music video, I'm happy with the next single.

    I'm fully expecting Still Learning to get released, which I'm perfectly fine with.
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  14. I feel like '3am' is the most natural choice for the next single, but who knows.
  15. So, have any of the album singles performed better than Nightmare?
  16. With the way it's going so far, You Should Be Sad probably will and with more longevity.
  17. Nightmare peaked at #15 but spent just 11 weeks on the chart, while Graveyard ‘only’ peaked at #34 but spent 19 weeks on the chart, and You Should Be Sad peaked (so far) at #26 but has already spent more weeks in the top 40 than either of them. So it all depends how you look at peaks vs. longevity.
  18. That remix feels so undercooked. The way he chopped and spliced the song is terrible.

    12 this week in the UK! Looks like it might have peaked in the US already.
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