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Halsey - Manic (3rd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. That's not on Badlands
  2. Even to this day, 'Colors' is still her greatest song.
  3. I'd give the title of her best song to Without Me. Rarely is an artists biggest hit their most worthy hit, but in this case I think they lined right up. Graveyard, Now or Never, You Should Be Sad, and Beautiful Stranger/Finally would round out my top 5. I didn't love Manic as an album, but clearly I think it delivered her most career highs.

    Colors is great but that bridge.... no.
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  4. Yeah the spoken part of Colors prevents it from being at the very top for me. Roman Holiday and Drive remain unbothered by the rest of Badlands.
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  5. I low key live for the melodrama of Devil in Me and Angel on Fire to be honest.
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  6. Overall I am of the opinion her discography is pretty strong.
  7. Oops, I had a brain freeze. Yeah you don't need much of Badlands in your life.
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  9. It gets trashed on here a lot, but... I still have the hugest soft spot for Badlands thanks to fucking nostalgia and blind stanning in high school.
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    Same. I have a lot of memories attached to that album - I still know all the tracks by heart.
  11. The way in which I still adore "Young God," "Strange Love," "Hold Me Down," and "Coming Down" is unreal. Suddenly, the little Halsite is me.

    I used to call this album Baldlands for a reason.
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    Not Baldlands ajkshwdkljxg
  13. New Americana can swiftly leave, but the rest of Badlands is solid and some of you do a little tew much on it.
  14. Honestly, though. It's not a bad debut, and at least she tried to give the gworls aesthetics and a consistent theme. It might be cringeworthy at times, but I'd rather an artist that tries too hard (to deliver something good, might I add) than not try at all.
  15. Ddd now I feel kinda bad for hating a lot of it. Hold Me Down remains one of her best songs ever though
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  16. New Americana & the spoken part of Colors are the worst of the album but the rest of it bops a bit.
  17. I'm aware that I'm perpetuating the ongoing "@Andy French likes everything" narrative, but I'm actually kind of surprised you don't like most of the album, ddd.
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  18. I'm as surprised as you are, honestly. Everything about it on paper should work for me but her voice and a lot of her lyrics have always been the biggest sticking point for me. The instrumentals are wonderful, so I'm glad they leaked dd
  19. Badlands is just patchy, it isn’t even a bad album. Hold Me Down, Colors, Young God, Roman Holiday, Ghost, Drive...that’s a perfect EP.
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    yas ladies, make sure you use these opinions for the rate too xx
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