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Halsey - Manic (3rd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Right? What was the reason?

    Also I don't understand why she would get in trouble? Trouble with who?
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  2. Likely the label, especially if a feature is involved and the person was never compensated since the track wasn’t used.
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  3. What @mindtrappa said + she’d probably get in trouble for leaking/posting a Japan or Target exclusive online.
  4. I still bop to 3am. Clearly being an indie emo with a Bring Me The Horizon and My Chemical Romance phase in the late-2000s is the most relatable thing about Halsey.
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  5. I wonder who was meant to be the feature act on "Wipe Your Tears."
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  6. Not this self drag

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  7. Not Halsey managing to release a book of poetry before L*n*, despite the latter discussing the release of her poetry book for a much longer time.
  8. Ooh yes I will be purchasing.
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  9. The website and art direction are so so good.
  10. Charli XCX with a top? Obviously not a meet and greet then.
  11. I don't think we discussed this fairly incredible Stuart Price mix of Be Kind?

    Takes a song I don't care for at all and really crafts a banger out of it.
  12. I would absolutely love her to work with Stuart Price on her next record.
  13. Awesome. This is really her year in my book. Manic is still excellent.
  14. RMK


    Video is amazing. She really proves herself in all sorts of ways time and time again.
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  15. She really is a superstar in everything she does.
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  16. I hope she documented all this

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