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Halsey - Manic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

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  2. Can this be merged with the thread I started yonks ago?
  3. Quite incredible really how she's managed to get this far with literally zero original ideas.
  4. Ouch.

    It hurts because it's true.
  5. Hurricane is a bop. And I usually hate "moody" shit.
  6. Oh great other unoriginal try-hard scene kid with a dumb name and zero personality!

    You will never be Lorde.
  7. We will never be Lorde-yals.
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  8. Well I like her!
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  9. Not even I like her.
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  10. Is this a self-drag?
  11. I like her too.
  12. Finally song from here that I actually like and can listen....all here previous things didn't had a melody.
    And btw long hair suits her better.
  13. Who needs her when Melanie Martinez already exists and is much better and more convincing at being "fashionably weird" anyways?
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  14. I'm a bit surprised there aren't more replies for her album, especially considering it comes out later this month. Anyway, I love "Is There Somewhere" and "Empty Gold" a lot.
  15. Just when Halsey couldn't get any worse, a choir!
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  16. Well everyone seems to hate her here, which surprises me.
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  17. I don't mind her, honestly. New Americana uses the same sample Tamar's The One does, and reminding me of The One is never a bad thing.
  18. I like the songs, but I'm pretty sure I'll get bored by the album unless she shakes things up a bit.
  19. ~apologies at the very long organized post that is below~

    At first I thought her name was very bizarre.Out of the tracks (3) on that little EP are pretty good.

    Hold Me Down: 2/5
    It has a cheap beat, reminds me of recycled lyrics and it showcases nothing good for pop. It's like of like an album filler track waiting to be cheaply snagged up for god knows who.​

    Hurricane: 4/5
    I love the ethereal piano, and the echo in the back. The little ad-libs throughout the song fit very well with the song. The drums are flawless. It's a very strong mid-tempo. "Untouchable" indie type vibes. Good vibes.​

    Ghost: 4.5/5
    The first verse is horrible, but after that weird speed singing bit is perfect from on out. So daunting and eerie, but a misty kind of pop. The lyrics for the seem are so so much better the than the first and it really makes up for that blip of a first verse. The buzzing synth is also amazing. It has strong lyrics and a strong sound.​

    Halsey is searching for something and I think she sure can find it.
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