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Halsey - Manic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Island

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    I'm looking forward to her first album. It's out next week.

    I saw her live and she was good. 'Castle' seems to be a good intro and a banger. 'Colors' seems like it could be really good, from what I remember. I hope it holds up because she is kind of building some hype and could get at top 10 debut.
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  2. Apparently she's sold 40k in preorders so far.
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  3. Sad. 40,000 people are lacking taste.
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  4. Stay pressed, dude. I look forward to more posts whining about how much you don't like her.
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  5. Island

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    Her songs are good, but she's not original at all. 'New Americana' is pretty amazing, to be honest.
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  6. Island

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    A new song called 'Drive' was put on Spotify.
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  7. Apparently the whole album leaked
  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I wonder if she leaked it....
  9. I really like this girl.
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  10. I'm intrigued enough to give "Badlands" a spin when it comes out, but I'm not 100% sold yet. She sounds an awful lot like the vocalist from MS MR, which kind of weirds me out.

    Also, is there a reason why most of her fans seem to be teenyboppers? I mean, it's way more obvious than for most popstars not aimed right at them. Did she have some tie-in with a show they all watch or something? Or am I just officially old now that I've hit my late '20s?
  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Maybe because she's indie and "credible" to them, but still has that pop sound??

    Most of her fans are teenagers or early 20s.
  12. Her fans are teens cause she has a connection to acts like 5 Seconds of Summer. A lot of her fans are also The 1975 and twenty one pilots fans, as well. She kind of fits in that "kinda pop, kinda serious, too self-righteous to call it pop" field, but she seems a bit more keen and supportive of labeling herself a pop act.

    There is a bit of an air of self-importance. She didn't leak it. Urban Outfitters accidentally sent out the vinyl early and she ended up ranting to fans in DMs about how a record is supposed to be heard, it's an insult to her artistry for it to be leaked, etc. She does take herself a bit too seriously and I know that rubs some people wrong.

    The album, though, is very good. I much prefer it as my alt-girl pop album of the year as opposed to, say, Melanie's Cry Baby. Both share the issue of doing something really good once (or even a fair few times) and not being able to really get out of that mode or sound.

    She's better a bit more stripped. Some of the album suffers from just so much going on production-wise (I think that's probably due to her now ex-boyfriend who EP'd the album and produced some of it). There is a charm to her and she can write a good pop song. I appreciate her pulling a Born This Way and the "proper" version being the deluxe as all the new tracks make sense sonically in the slots throughout.

    Colors is really beautiful. It's the closest she comes to making something anthemic that she has clearly wanted to try and emulate. Strange Love and Gasoline are really great, as well. It's odd they're only bonus tracks. The second half of the record (Coming Down, Haunting, Control) is definitely stronger. Drive, Roman Holiday and Ghost are the best of the first half. I tossed Is There Somewhere from her EP onto it (it may replace Castle or New Americana, or even I Walk The Line, which is kind of useless as a cover, I haven't thought of tinkering the tracklisting yet) because it is one of her best.

    When she's at her most cringe-worthy (New Americana), it veers into High School (Dropout) Musical, but when she's good, she's very good and does offer something interesting as a lyricist. It's very Hot Topic at its most basic and some of her fanbase probably laps it up, but I would suggest giving it a decent listen attempt cause there are some gems there amongst the filler angst.
  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    'Colors' and 'Castle' are great, just as I expected.

    'Castle' reminds me of 'Yellow Flicker Beat' for some reason…
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  14. 'Roman Holiday' is my jam for today
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  15. Going to get myself a copy of the album tomorrow, Castle sounds absolutely incredible!
  16. So I have literally NO idea who Halsey is but I'm listening to the album on Spotify and it's pretty damn good. It's definitely playing as an early BANKS type of album. It's quite Delilah and Indiana too.
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  17. Island

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    The ballad 'Colors' >>> this 'Colors'.
  18. I haven't seen that many interviews but what do people not like about Halsey, as a person? The one interview I did see, she seemed honestly super intelligent and talked about how she wants to initiate a conversation, that some people who are hearing her stuff (younger people as she specifically stated) are hearing certain concepts/issues within her music for the first time. She seemed so excited about that, and I felt like it was a very enlightening and respectful way to act.

    I had to pause listening to the album halfway through to go to work but I'm trying to finish it up. Was a bit weary because of "Hold Me Down" and "Hurricane" but tracks 6-10 are brilliant. Hopefully the rest is just as good!
  19. I really like this album. I can see the Natalia Kills comparisons, but I think Halsey has a much better voice.
  20. I listened earlier, and I really like it too. Nothing ground-breaking by any means, but definitely a strong set of songs.
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