Halsey - Manic

Didn't someone say she cleared the sample just in case they tried to come for the similarities or am I making that up?

She cleared the sample to be used. Even if it was a “just in case” situation, they’d still be credited, since that’s the whole point of avoiding a lawsuit.

The songwriter confirmed that a request was submitted back in April to get the rights to the track


I actually quite like this. It's really sweet and I feel like this is a much more honest take on the take me seriously poetic writer thing she goes for. I know a lot of people will probably see it as try hard, but for literally the first time, I feel like this isn't try hard coming from her at all. If there's more on the album like this, I can see what she means about this album being written by Ashley versus the character of Halsey. The only thing that will really have to grow on me is the small yelling voice behind her main vocal on the chorus.