Halsey - Manic

Graveyard is addictive. I'm slowly becoming obsessed.

Also I was wondering what the whole "I'm not angry anymore, I've let the light in <3" thing she's adopted now was reminding me of, and today it struck me that it's very Katy during Prism nn
Real f*ckin' derk.
Nightmare and Without Me are the two best songs she’s released for this ~era. Graveyard is decent enough, but that with Clementine has just left me less optimistic of her new direction.
The Graveyard video was great. I feel like...releasing Clementine with a video in between Graveyard and its’ video was an odd choice (is the aquarium scene supposed to be connected to the Clementine video? Is that why it was released first?) but the whole campaign has been a little disjointed so I’m just gonna ignore that and continue enjoying the music minus Clementine.
Yeah that’s the aquarium from “Clementine”. There seems to be some sort of narrative she’s building as Ashley here, but it’s not marking sense just yet.
I'm really, really loving Graveyard and it's accompanying video. There's something about Sydney Sweeney that makes her so relatable yet mystifying to watch.