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Halsey - Manic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. tea


    As someone who once worked as a courier, I cannot stress enough how happy it makes me to see that she's donating directly to the drivers instead of just giving out credit which ends up in the company's pocket.

    Companies like Uber and Doordash are facing class action lawsuits over the misclassification of its couriers as independent contractors instead of employees - classifying them as independent contractors allows them to avoid paying benefits, vacation pay, employment insurance, taxes and more. Not to mention the 30%~ commission rates are bankrupting small family restaurants. They charge customers $0/artifically low delivery rates and offload any losses to the courier/restaurant. I could go all day
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  2. $mashley Frang#1pane.
  3. "Be Kind" is insidiously catchy. I wake up humming it.
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  4. 'Be Kind' is great - totally unassuming and unexceptional on the surface but remarkably robust and with a strong enough message to properly permeate at the minute.
  5. Be Kind snatching the #40 spot in the UK. I wonder if we'll be getting more singles from the album though.
  6. I love her vocals on Be Kind. It’s such an earworm.
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  7. Nightmare is her best song.
  8. Ashley: I'm not mad anymore.

    *a few months later*

    Ashley: jk

    Chaotic libra queen!
  9. 'Be Kind' is...surprisingly decent.
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  10. I love Be Kind. The production is so lush and she sounds amazing.
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  11. Then why did you orphan it!?!?
  12. aux


    She's been teasing the "angry" album since the release of Manic, so I think Nightmare could end up with a home soon.
  13. God I hope so. I added Nightmare to Manic, and it works, but I'd love if she released an album with it, and it'd be even better if she put Experiment On Me on it as well. I'm also just extremely interested in what that album is like.
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  14. I want her next album to sound like Placebo. Give me swaggering sexy nihilism. I know Ashley has it in her.
  15. Okay as much as I want her angry album still, I listened to Be Kind again, and if that was the sound she delved into for her 4th album, I'd be ecstatic.
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  16. Nightmare not being on Manic still hurts. My favourite song of hers.
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  17. tea


    This song is well produced in it's entirety and has a nice message but DAMN she sounds amazing!!! Was not expecting to be scalped like this from a jet puffed song.
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  18. Be Kind is surprisingly good? I hate that you should be sad had to walk so it could run but it’s nice seeing her potentially net another hit when Manic has pretty much run its course.
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  19. "Be Kind" is already one of my favorite singles is the year.
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