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Halsey - Manic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. I’ll always be grateful to her for 3am.
  2. More, you should be sad, graveyard and killing boys more than make up for the 2-3 skips on the album. An excellent release all around.
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  3. Experiment on Me still butters my muffin
  4. Graveyard definitely deserved to be a hit. The first verse alone is one of my favorites on the album, especially as someone who has been in a relationship where I refused to acknowledge the shit the other person was getting into
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    The acoustic versions of her songs are always so fantastic and this is no exception, whew.

  6. As someone that has grown up with singer songwriter of the 90s like Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple etc i appreciate Manic a lot more than a record like Future Nostalgia. While i love the latter and have no problem with it of course; i just gravitate towards artists who cover a lot of topics and allow themselves to flex their pen a bit (which Halsey pulled it off successfully) while trying out a few genres. Manic feels like a sprawling epic and promises new beginnings while perfecting the previous formula. The album feels real, she is more tongue in cheek and seems self aware which was the reason why so many people (including me) had written her off on Badlands. I also appreciate the very candid moments like More.

    I am pretty content and satisfied with this record. The only thing i am meh about is the Sheeran song but it is one of his best so that makes it alright.
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  7. RJF


    Do you really think that Halsey, as a songwriter, should be mentioned in the same sentence as those artists?
  8. Not really no, but that was my tangent on why i feel closer to her music and Manic overall. She does not have a strong enough discography of course but i do think her writing style is progressing towards there.
  9. I get that she clearly has a lot of appreciation for those kinds of artists, even if one foot is firmly in pop still. The most Tori-esque release of late is Cardigan / most of Folklore. But Halsey def has potential to reach a Tori or PJ level if she keeps flexing her creative muscles.
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  10. This is exactly why I have preferred/loved Manic, Petals For Armor, good to know and folklore more this year, but have honestly not wanted to talk about it too much cause I didn't wanna be thrown out dddd.
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  11. Yall are tripping. Not to take away from Halsey's impressive growth from a songwriter POV but it's unlikely she's on her path to becoming a new Tori Amos and I doubt that's what she's seeking anyway. She's too far ingrained within the pop soundscape for her to even have a reason to attempt to escape nor does she ever have to.
  12. I was basically saying that her writing got better and got more singer songwriter-y and as a fan of those artists i appreciated that a lot. No one is claiming she is at their level now or she has to ditch pop, what is current or whatever. But in Manic, there are enough variation to praise and nod backs to her influences so that is why i felt what i felt.
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  14. Wheremst is my extended remix of Killing Boys? The song being so short makes me feel like
    killing boys.
  15. I think Halsey really came into her own as a great pop songwriter last era. She’s capable of crafting a pop song without completely dumbing it down to the regular pop listener. I don’t think she’s reached the heights of Tori or Fiona as a songwriter, but there’s a lot of talent there. Gorgeous pop songs on Manic:

    beautiful stranger
    Without Me
    You should be sad
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  16. I like Halsey but I don’t think she’s going to be a Tori. I love her voice mind and the total command she has over it.
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  17. Why can’t I stop watching the “Be Kind” video? She’s captivating in it.
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  18. SEND HELP flashes really fast on the postcard, I wonder if she's going to use a return to Badlands as a vehicle for songs like Nightmare/Experiment on Me
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