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Halsey - Manic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Just give us the angry rock/heavy metal album you promised us.
  2. You should be sad has become my de facto sad song to listen to. Which insane because I typically don’t enjoy her music. Late, I know.
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  3. I'm currently reading through the Halsey Rate that @aux hosted (I already read through all elimination posts. A great rate, it's been fun to read through) and am shocked at how much of a stan I've become. It's only really in the past year that I've warmed up to her older material but there were several moments I was so hurt at the eliminations. If a return to Badlands is true, I think I'm here for it. My main gripe with her has always been her vocal delivery and Tumblr aesthetic lyricism, both of which she's improved on greatly, so I think a return to that album's world could be fun. Especially if we do get those angrier, more punk-like songs through that lens. I'd have to laminate my stan card, etc.
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  4. She just announced a live Badlands album from the Webster Hall show on the Visit Badlands site! Probably coming Friday.

  5. I do feel bad about being a tad disappointed that it’s a live album of a show that happened a year ago, after all the buildup. I selfishly wanted some new material but it’s always possible that there will still be a surprise or two thrown in.
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  6. The live album is OK. I appreciate the thought and sentiment behind it, but it feels a bit like an audience bootleg rather than a bona fide live album because the vocals seem really lost in the mix
  7. tea


    I thought they had great chemistry in the Graveyard video. If that is any indication of what's to come, consider me perched.
  8. The synopsis sounds very Pretty Little Liars.
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  9. I still can’t believe Closer was not only huge, but also kind of era defining. It’s cute, but not brilliant or innovative, even for the time.
  10. I agree but like you said, it’s very emblematic of what was dominating Spotify playlists and radio airwaves at the time. The Chainsmokers were also super lucky to catch Halsey just as it felt she was going to blow up.
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  11. In her latest IG post this account was tagged on her face, many fans think it’s an upcoming makeup line
    F1EB0730-A3BA-4E17-84D4-AB194074C24C.jpeg 931243F4-A786-4640-8AAA-ADC32280ABEB.jpeg AC08AFFE-C188-45DB-BC6B-1B58BCB8CC2E.jpeg E388F752-3D4C-4889-B2E5-04A3273EBBF0.jpeg C5B0AB81-ABEE-45F1-931B-1E9B5E24C9D0.jpeg
  13. Halsey having a makeup line actually makes a lot of sense compared to most, since she actually does it herself most (if not all) the time. And she's creative with it

  14. Isn't the market for popstar makeup lines over-saturated at this point?
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