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Halsey - Manic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. I love that song Strangers, and i really love the tone of her voice, but i can't get into her because i don't think the songs are ever strong enough.
  2. 6575D2BA-E8EF-4A39-9365-7652CC969EAD.jpeg 66B89EDA-0D19-4486-B6B5-90059901B2B7.jpeg

    Maybe it’s an album after all. There’s an H and the 4 is inside so... H4 is coming!

    Edit: The IG is public now and it has a grungey vibe so maybe it’s that punk rock album she said she was gonna make.
  3. An album of "Nightmare" styled tracks. An absolute dream.
  4. A new album in the next few months makes sense, or at the very least a new single.
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  5. I can’t believe Manic came out this year.
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  6. Can she pull off making another one of my favorite albums of 2020? I think she can!
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  7. Manic is still in my top 5 of this year so I’m 100% open to new music. Give us that Nightmare album sis.

    I can’t believe I’m now a full-on stan. New Americana whomst?
  8. Not sure if it was mentioned but the thank you letter on VisitBadlands site linked to another page (lxxxxp.com) that flashes L? and P? after pressing the screen for a while. Her bio on twitter has been "L? P?" too. Might be connected (since LP and 4 x's in between but don't wanna get too conspiracy on this lol).
  9. Those look like tour dates to me ddd.
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  10. She turns 27 on the highlighted date. I wonder if this is hinting at some part of the project being titled 27 Club (which would be a pretty good title for a grungy album) Bookmark this post in case I guess correctly
  11. Just noticed her graphic designer is also following the page.
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  12. aux


    I don't want to get too excited because I ran out of clown make-up, but I genuinely think something music related is coming sooner than usual. Knowing my luck, watch this be a make-up line regardless of all the clues leading towards the 'Punksey' album.

    During the fifth anniversary of BADLANDS, she brought back the old "visitbadlands.com" website, which was used for the album campaign, tour and whatnot back in 2015. She repurposed the website the week before the anniversary to have clues of the live album that came out the week after. At the end of it, there was a letter she wrote regarding BADLANDS and how she feels about the era these days. The letter ended with the "love" on "Love, Halsey" being hyperlinked and leading to this website, which if you click and hold down the words "L? / P?" show up - she also changed her Twitter bio to this on that same day. So yeah, something is coming.

  13. CB2D7CAD-8FB8-4858-B1EA-3EFC569B52FB.jpeg
    I’m still shocked they didn’t nominate Without Me. I wonder if they’ll nominate her this time.
    I hope the speech she gave at the AMA’s don’t hurt her chances.
  14. Wait is it already Grammy campaign season? What's the eligibility period?
  15. The eligibility period was September 1st, 2019 - August 31st, 2020. First round voting for nominations starts on the 30th so the campaigning has already kicked off.
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  16. Ah I see, thank you.
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  17. Halsey surely loves stirring up some fan conspiracies with some elaborate easter eggs.
  18. You can take the girl out of tumblr but...
  19. A Taylor stan through and through.
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