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Halsey - Manic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Gorgeous
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  2. This is just... incredible? Another 10/10 for the pop-punksey criterion.

  3. The signed "Ashley" edition of Manic is finally being received by fans. It definitely seems like this was a scrapped vinyl variant (likely for UO), since the track list on the back still omits the same songs.


    Also I just realized the cover shot is the same as

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  4. Why would they cut tracks? It's not like it's exceptionally long in the first place?
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  5. They were "deluxe" tracks, so they could only be found on the 2XLP edition of the vinyl. Although the CD still had them all.
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  6. Ice queen stanning ice queen


  8. It's giving me October Fall/Mayday Parade/Say Anything vibes and I ain't mad at it. I didn't know Machine Gun Kelly had the range.
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  9. Reminds me of this sound, I wonder if Halsey bumped to these classics back in the day

  10. She must certainly did. This sound is straight out of Warped Tour 2009 or something and I totally imagine Halsey headlining if this festival was still around and not awful representation wise.
  11. She should collab with All Time Low or better yet, pull Cobra Starship out of retirement to give us that pop punk/alternative dance record we deserve.
  12. Listens to forget me too once:

    I love this but it's a shame that Lil Wayne did the same concept years ago and was panned for it.
  13. I don't know who is in charge of her graphic design, but it's one of my favorites of the current pop girls. Absolutely on point.
  14. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    His was also mostly a bit shit.
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  15. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Ok wait this is amazing when is she going to do a whole album of this + Nightmares x12?
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  16. This reminded me of Hey Monday and I don't mean that as a compliment dd. I'm all for a pop-punk revival but the lyrics are low key terrible and the production as generic as it gets.

    Just listen to Paramore yall and get your lives from it.
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  17. Hey Monday slander? Not on my watch.

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