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Halsey - Manic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. forget me too is...great? I never expected to actually like a Machine Gun Kelly song but here we are
  2. Reminder that Machine Gun Kelly is a piece of shit.
  3. We love a BOP.
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  4. #3 on iTunes
    #8 on Spotify
    #26 on AM

  5. This is so very 100% completely true. My goodness.
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  6. I haven't listened to it yet, cause I hate MGK with a burning passion, but from the sound of it I'm excited.
    I want a Halsey/Paramore collab. Or Tonight Alive.
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  7. I want a whole pop/rock/graveyard album from her.

    I also want a whole album of you should be sad’s.
  8. I want an album full of Nightmare‘s.
  9. Ugh, Halsey just gets the pop punk songs from the way she delivers on Nightmare, 3am and the MGK feature. Literally me when she serves me that mid-2000s eyeliner emo girl

    Scene kid era WHEN? Nightmare album WHERE?
  10. tea


    11 minutes is my favourite hook she's ever done, and that outro!
  11. Why? (really, i don't know)
  12. He called a black woman the n word when she got offended about him fetishizing/sexualizing black women in an interview.
  13. Halsey's pop-punk references are way more early/mid 2000s. That Demi song isn't the aesthetic... at all.
  14. MGK managing to cling to his 15 minutes when everything was setup for him to be left in 2012...

    Camila Cabello will pay for this.

    The song slaps though nn I need a Halsey solo version.

  15. Yas regift us some bops.
  16. This is still so funny. Never fails to give me a giggle fit.
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  17. It’s the “I like to rock eöwth for me”.
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  18. aux


    Since today is her birthday, she surprised fans by dropping a "deluxe" edition of Manic. It includes "Wipe Your Tears" and "I'm Not Mad" which were both CD exclusive regional deluxe tracks. It also includes "Be Kind" and two "Without Me" remixes which were previously released. The best part of this release are the inclusions of her acoustic versions, which I will always praise. Among the new acoustic versions, there is a gorgeous version of "Alanis' Interlude" and "3am" which she played during an acoustic set earlier this year. Still no inclusion of "Nightmare" for whatever reason.

  19. Yes at her finally uploading the bonus tracks.

    EDIT: Also her just adding all these under the original album instead of uploading a new one and slapping (Deluxe) on the end is most pleasing to me and my last.fm
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