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Halsey - Manic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. the avril collab is with Mod Sun and it‘s called „Flames“. Release date: Janury 8th.
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  2. Welp, makeup it is then!
  3. Glad its not an Avril collab dd
  4. RMK


    Poor Avril working with Mod Sun
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  5. but also this
  6. I can't believe she was getting dragged over this when she's not even the one who was sharing the photo after it was deleted.
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  7. Manic and Boy with Luv drew me in as a fan so I think I’d like a deeper dive into Halsey’s discography soon. Any recommendations on how to do it?

    Also, she’s appearing at the BigHit New Year’s Event, presumably to perform with BTS. She looks gorgeous.

  8. There's only three albums so you might as well just go in order. But honestly Manic and Hopeless Fountain Kingdom are easily her best. There are some gems on the debut and EP as well.

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  9. Badlands is a mess but it gave a few career highs.

    We really had to endure New Americana as a single when she had this sitting right there. Sad!
  10. To this day I still don't have a Badlands vinyl because they cut off some really good songs for ??? reason
  11. I remember bopping to Colors a bitsy a few years ago, cringe bridge and all.
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  12. So, About Face is makeup but also a zine?

    I want the zine bad.
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  13. That zine cover is a bit of a serve
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  14. Oh wait, the entire collection is up for pre-order. I actually really like the packaging.
    Site banner
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  15. Is there a link?

    Edit: Kidding, got it. Different than the URL on the Instagram.

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  16. Well these visuals are a serve, but then again that's always been her strong suit.
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  18. I love the packaging and visuals. There's also tutorials up.


  19. I was very hmm OK makeup, but almost every product photo has swatches of the colors on people with different skin tones and then it actually in action on the skin tones as well. Very inclusive

    It's quite nice, I might get the neon green eye eye stick.
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  20. And condoms?
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