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Halsey - Manic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. The last thing we need is more pop star makeup brands but those visuals are a serve. If she's actually going to do something fun with it, maybe I'll let her live.
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  2. I don't know an entire zine and makeup line serving rock visuals with no rock album is kind of annoying dd.
  3. Ddd they’re samples
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  4. This reminds me of that Youtube video that's like "My Manic Makeup Tutorial" and the top comment is "I thought this was going to be her doing her makeup during a manic episode" sdskdl
  5. The makeup’s cute, but I also need her skincare routine!
  6. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I still wish this was a punk album but the visuals are cute.
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  7. The way this campaign and art direction make sense and give her an interesting point of view and a differential value in an already saturated market, good for her!
  8. The brand is amazing just from a design and marketing perspective. From the jump you can see her style and personality all over the materials. Obviously we’ve yet to see how the product wears, but I’m sure it’s good. It helps that she does her own makeup all the time and knows what to look for, since she’s a performer.

    I still have hope she’ll drop that pop/punk album on us. She knows how much fans want it, and more importantly, I think she wants to do it as well.
  9. Celebrity makeup really is the new celebrity fragrance.
  10. fff exactly what I thought. These visuals with an album that took its cues from Nightmare? The serve. Having said that, good for her for approaching this little project with some verve and creativity and not just serving clown face...
  11. Stream Plastic Hearts!

    *runs from Sankshooaerie*
  12. I will say that I'm immediately more interested in what she has to offer because she does her own makeup a lot. When I found out that she's done tons of her own makeup looks I was impressed because she's so good at it. Her mark is definitely all over this, from the website design to the name of the brand itself (thank god we didn't get "manic beauty"...), so that's at least a plus. I would've preferred new music of course, but at least she's serving visuals. I'm interested to see some reviews come in because I'm eyeing a few products but for the price, I don't want to blindly go in yet.
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  13. I’m not sure when the pop girl makeup line bubble will finally burst (probably with Ava Max Cosmetics), but the way every other one has outclassed Haus Labs’ AliExpress packaging skskskksks.

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  14. It doesn't look like this has been posted already - it's an unlisted video that I found at the bottom of the page on the about-face website. A look at some of the products if anyone is interested.
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  15. When all the male artists jump on the bandwagon too probably. Fine Line guyliner coming at you 2022!
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  16. Love it

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  17. As a makeup hobbyist, I’m generally annoyed by celebrities not named Rihanna getting in on the beauty industry, but Halsey’s actually got amazing packaging and branding compared to Haha Labs, so I’m perched.
    My Chemical Romance collaborated with HipDot Cosmetics—the same brand that collaborated with Kesha—so this might be a closer reality than we think, ddd.
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  18. Okay, but a musical collaboration between MCR and Halsey would be a reset.
  19. Just remembered how we were supposed to get new MCR music last year. 2020 was ass.
  20. Was it confirmed there would be new music with the concerts?
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