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Halsey - Manic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. I ordered a bunch of highlighters like 20 mins ago nn

  2. I ordered a liquid highlighter a few weeks ago and had my mom pick out a shade for the free shadow stick. Really excited to try them out, and this is also the first celebrity makeup brand I've ever bought from. I have full faith in her in this area, though.
  3. Oh wow! Congrats
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  4. That's a big deal considering she previously miscarried and suffers from endometriosis. I'm happy for her
  5. Now I'm crying for her dd

  6. Congrats to her! I’m sure she’ll be a great mother. ❤️
  7. So happy for her! Let me go listen to More and weep.
  8. Never understood the rush to have a kid, especially someone in her position, but More is one of my favorite songs by her, so it's obvious how much this means to her. Did we even know she was dating anyone?! Congrats to her!
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  9. Congrats to her!
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  10. She only ever left the house last year to go to the protests in LA and help out there, but we did see her with someone once or twice even though they were both masked nn
  11. Aw, congratulations to her!
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  12. I know statistics are saying the opposite but it really does feel like there is a quarantine baby boom going on. Well, at least amongst celebrities.
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  13. I usually couldn't care less about celebrity pregnancies/kids, even when my faves are concerned, but with everything Halsey's been through, this news really is quite touching. I'm so happy for her

  14. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    As someone with endometriosis this is actually so lovely to see. I don’t plan on having kids myself but I do often wonder if it’s my subconscious ruling that out because of my illness (and a miscarriage I had in the past). I’m so happy seeing someone who’s talked openly about the condition feel comfortable enough to make this announcement.
  15. My first thought was "More" when I saw her post. Brb crying. Incredibly happy for her!

  16. With the year we just had and what is coming (a lot of... staying home?) I totally understand it. I would have had a kid right now if I could.

    Congrats to Halsey.
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  17. This post is sending me
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  18. This made me more emotional than most of the pregnancy announcements from people I actually know nn.
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