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Halston - (Netflix Ryan Murphy Limited Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Apr 29, 2021.

  1. Drops May 14 on Netflix. ​
  2. Fosse. Halston. When will they finally just do Liza? Stop making this legend a supporting character!
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  3. (Netflix Ryan Murphy Limited Series)
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  4. New trailer

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  5. Only 5 episodes, this might be a bop.
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  6. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    This is a Ryan Murphy show in the vein that American Crime Story and Pose are, in other words he’s more of a guiding hand than creator and driving force, in other words there’s hope.
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  7. Except it looks like this show is coming from the writers of The Politician/Glee/Scream Queens/Hollywood/Ratched rather than ACS, so we're probably in for another messy slog.
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  8. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    We’ll see, Ryan and Ian Brennan do have writing credits on the episodes, but tough to say how ‘real’ those are or if they’re the credits producers can receive via television rules from the WGA. The ‘created by’ credit is not in-house though, which always leaves me with a sliver of hope. The Murphy-Netflix track record is one big mess though, that’s true.
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  9. rdp


    Can't wait to watch two episodes then forget all about it like Hollywood
  10. Was this worth it? I'm gonna binge soon. The way this thread was created and nobody cared hahaha.
  11. It's fine. Nothing great, but also not completely bad. Script writing is still not great but visually it's good and the real life story is interesting.

    Not something I'd binge watch though. One episode at a time is enough for me.
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  12. I enjoyed this. I knew nothing about Halston before watching this - other than being referenced in He’s The Greatest Dancer by Sister Sledge. And despite having enjoyed it it did seem to be the same old story again that I’ve seen in so many dramas based on a real life person …
    talented gay finds fame and fortune, leads a hedonistic and excessive life involving drug/booze addiction, has a horrible split from a gold-digging lover, dies of AIDS.

    I loved Victor though. He had all the best lines.
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  13. I enjoyed this. Watched the 5 episodes over 3 nights. Ewan is fab at playing the main character, and it’s great seeing/hearing the sets, clothing and soundtrack change throughout the decades. Agree with @Booers’ point above about the story - I mean, I just knew in advance pretty much how things would progress, but it was still an entertaining watch.
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