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Handforth Parish Council Zoom Meeting from Hell

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by Hudweiser, Feb 5, 2021.

  1. Old white people epitomised.

    "Please refer to me as Britney Spears from now on."
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  2. So glad that there is a thread about this!

    This is a fascinating event, and I have been distracted by it for the entire afternoon.
    Mixture of zoom call ineptness (people not knowing how to mute), and then the obvious political drama.

    The prequel and the sequel are also excellent in providing the story arc.

    Highlights include:
    • Jackie touching up her hair on camera.
    • The small talk at the beginning with Jackie and her allies.
    • The "chairman" consistently stating "let's stick to the agenda", but not distributing the agenda to all the participants. FYI, he's also an owner of an IT/software company and has the cheek to say the best he can do is hold up the agenda to the webcam; moron.
    • Sue and Cyn being awesome.
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  3. I love when I found out that the reason for it going viral was because a 17 year old student that studies politics watches local council meetings out of interest, and came across this.

    Honestly, Jackie Weaver should be getting an agent, signing up to Cameo, and doing the reality circuit while it lasts. She'll make a killing.
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  4. She should list herself as "Britney Spears" on Cameo obviously.

    Perhaps Britney and Britney can do a collaboration as well? Maybe she can help in the Free Britney campaign.
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  5. Everybody needs to watch the best bits to see her refer to herself as Britney Spears, and the discussion surrounding their awareness of this undoubtedly becoming viral.
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  6. Can't wait for this to be turned into a Ryan Murphy serialised drama.


    This is decent casting, but I feel we can do better.

    On a more "serious" note, since these zoom meetings seem to allow members of the public to attend, does this mean they can inevitably expect a load of people who don't live in Handforth to gatecrash the next meeting? Or is it just the recordings that are made public?
  7. In case you wanted the entire history and analysis:

    The entire history of how we got to this situation

    Did Jackie Weaver have the authority?

    I've been watching a lot of their old in person meetings and Brian Tolver seems like a manipulative, slimy guy. Aled Brewerton also seems like a nasty piece of work if he is still making false accusations which have already been deemed false by the police (reminds me of something orange...).

    Hopefully the parish can actually function as intended without Tolver, Brewerton and Burkehill involvement as the whole debacle is being investigated more seriously by the council (link).
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  8. If anyone is still following this phenomena, Handforth Parish Council had it's first meeting since the viral video incident.

    Jackie Weaver did not reprise her role unfortunately.

    As I somewhat alluded to previously, many members of the public joined the Zoom call. This resulted in many internet trolls and attention seekers who wanted their quick viral fame. Nearly all of them thought they were being funny but they were not in reality. They failed to realise that the humour and entertainment of the original incident was because it was all unplanned an unintentional.

    (I actually first stumbled upon this as a twitch streamer had decided to stream their commentary and participation in the zoom call. It was incredibly irritating and he was being hypocritical; accusing others of being attention seekers when he was doing the same thing.)

    The presence of the distracting public, ultimately led to a chaotic meeting as the clerk didn't automatically mute all participates until well into the call (he was waiting for the councillors to vote on this protocol).

    As for councillors itself, Brian Tolver (the chair) is still as incompetent and still seems to be playing his usual games of declaring the infamous prior meeting illegal, and relying on the agenda too much. I feel sad for the competent councillors (Smith, Moore and Samson) as they just want to get the council working, give back to the community and not put up the political games being played.

    - Councillor Moore for putting on lipstick for the occasion.
    - One of the Handforth residents telling a know-it-all member of the public to shut up.
    - The Chair explaining how Zoom works to everyone, but also not understanding it himself.
    - The Chair not understanding a mirror image is captured by zoom.
    - The Clerk (who was the subject of being dismissed unlawfully and this Jackie Weaver stepping in temporarily), being unintentional anonymous shadow/figure due to poor lighting

    Final verdict: A somewhat inevitable disappointing sequel that was ultimately ruined by new characters in the form of the general public.

    Jackie Weaver was also sorely missed, as were the other villainous councillors.
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  9. I literally watched the whole of that follow up meeting and I'm just as invested even without Jackie Weaver.
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  10. The whole council is a fascinating watch and read. The non-Handforth people need to keep out.

    I don't think Jackie Weaver will be making a return to the series as their formally dismissed clerk has returned.
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  11. The innocence and honesty of the two teenagers who started off the entire phenomena is so refreshing and reassuring. They weren't doing it for the likes or attention, they just thought it was interesting.

    I have a bit miore faith in humanity from these people.
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  12. We can all breathe a sigh of relief, feat. 3am posting whoa.
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  13. I love how she's using the exposure to try and get young people involved in local government.
  14. March meeting:

    Nothing too exciting in this installment. Slightly better behaviour from the general public (I think they had a slightly better zoom protocols) but still some idiots.

    Still the usual struggles of Zoom (mute/unmute), but I would have expected the clerk to be better. The clerk in general seems to be less decisive than I would have expected. I think we were spoiled by Jackie Weaver....
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