Hannah Diamond


Pink and Blue

I haven't heard two songs from the same act both this catchy in a long while. The cheesy lyrics aren't very deep alright, but there's some really good lines. She's singing out of tune at times but it's one of the things that make these two songs really fascinating. Clearly a love her or hate her kind of act. Some will feel it sounds too much like kids' music! I think we're going to hear a lot about her. No word on when this will be released but you can download the MP3's for free on her label PC Music's Soundcloud.


I like this even better


It all reminds me of Sophie's 'Bipp' released last year. I like the artwork as well. It's all supposed to a bit tumblr-y postmodern isn't it? This is a site associated with the label, http://illamasqua.logo.ec/
Wow, I ignored this girl only because of her name, but fuck, this is some next level, cutting-edge pop music. I'm really impressed.

Stereogum has just posted another song from an act called Lipgloss Twins that is somehow linked to Hannah Diamond: http://www.stereogum.com/1680068/lipgloss-twins-wannabe/mp3s/

This is what they said about Hannah's Attachment:

That song came from the label PC Music, a collective of mysterious producers who craft what could be considered bubblegum pop for the era after the singularity hits and they download our brains into computers.

Yeah, right.

Apparently, both tracks were produced by A.G. Cook, who has worked with producer SOPHIE.
'Every Night' isn't as good as 'Attachment' or (my favorite) 'Keri Baby', but it's still catchy and funny like most of AG Cook/her stuff.
Wow, Every Night is great! Hannah was the only PC Music artist I couldn't really get into because her voice has a tendency to grate on me, but she sounds lovely on this.
He / Him / His
For some reason, a handful of my friends know her so I've had a good deal of her music thrust at me for a while.

I hate it.
Attachment is heartfelt, creepy, and completely fresh. Dubious about pretty much everything else PC music related, however. Some of it is shocking bad, and it being "ironic" does not excuse that.

Oh, Keri Baby is a fuckin' jam too.
If this Hannah Diamond wants to be the new Nadia Oh then she needs to at least release a commercial bomb of an album.
A cute video introduction about who Hannah Diamond is, what she does, influences and inspiration.


I love her.
I assume a song called "Play With My Hair" is a song? And that it's her next single? It sounds potentially brilliant.
I've heard it before and I think it's a feature on an A.G. Cook song. So there's a new SOPHIE project coming soon too...