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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AlwaysTooLate9, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. It’s kind of PC Music thing for “debut” albums to essentially be singles compilations, so I guess part of me shouldn’t be surprised. She does spend a ridiculous amount of time working on visuals herself, so it’s understandable that it probably took a while to get everything just right. But this is a great debut and I’m glad we finally have a “proper” collection of tracks from her that doesn’t actually feel like it was just thrown together out of the singles she put out – mainly because she’s built such a world for these songs.
  2. Part of Me should have been included instead of The Ending.
  3. I think “Part of Me” is going to be for her next project. I initially thought she should have included it but then she clocked that suggestion in her post the other day.
  4. I don’t even care that most of the songs were already released, this is a stunning album that has clearly had a shit ton of thought and care put into it (and to be honest after Invisible came out I made a point of not listening to it or any other pre release singles until we had the full thing)
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  5. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Nn this is so brilliant and topical

  6. Also - Love Goes On and Never Again prove beyond a shadow of a doubt for me that Britney Spears + A. G. (+ Hannah on a co-write) is a recipe for perfection just waiting to happen.
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  7. I love how all of her recent visuals seem to be taking place in some kind of neverending void. It's creepy yet soothing.

    And the album? Love that too.
  8. Love Goes On is best song here. When the beat switches at 2:34, fuck.
  9. Love A. G.’s post

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  10. Love Goes On is one of her best songs ever. The final part with the glitches, the looped vocals and the last verse.. whew.

    "Concrete Angel" remains peak music two years later. What a fucking song.

    I find kind of amazing how the hyper-pop part of PC Music can be easily replicated nowadays (if you know the usual melodic tropes, have a good mixing and a producer who knows how to use SOPHIE samples) but Hannah's style can't. Her melodies, the sonic landscapes, and especially the way she sings, endearingly emotional, keep her in a totally diferent league.
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  11. Found this little throwback

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  12. I enjoyed the singles and will have to give this album some more solid listens. I’ve been bouncing around so many great albums I can’t keep up!
  13. Absolutely. Nobody else on earth could have made a song as subtly devastating as "Hi" except Hannah.
  14. Her combination of well produced plink plonk music + a carefully curated visual world puts her in the same category that Goldfrapp and Björk occupy for me. I hope she continues doing music for a very long time!
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  15. Shy is the one for me (from the songs we haven't heard before).

    Make Believe is still incredible.
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  16. Deluxe edition with all the released singles on the album, please!
  17. They’re already on the PC Music compilations
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  18. Honestly tho, poor lil' Hi. It's definitely my favorite HD single; just a gorgeous, icy desperation all siphoned through mechanical computer parts.
  19. Just realised ‘Shy’ is the spiritual successor / sequel to ‘Hi’. Her mind...
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