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Hannah Diamond

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AlwaysTooLate9, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Whew, I’m excited to finally get this in my hands

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  2. Hmm

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  3. A Palmistry remix of a HD song? With a Bladee feature? And the song is "Love Goes On"? The simulation has gone too far. Seriously, I've wanted a Drain Gang x PC Music crossover for so long!
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  4. Official link

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  5. Relieved it won't be another few years 'til we hear new music (being optimistic about it being new music).
  6. Remix album incoming!

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  7. Her art direction game remains sharp as fuck.
  8. Mechatok, Yung Sherman, Dylan Brady and Umru (plus the already released Palmistry x Bladee remix)... It's like she's tailoring this to my taste. She truly is a Drain Gang stan nowadays.
  9. I know we don’t even have the actual album on vinyl yet, but I hope this receives a physical release.
  10. Today is a good day.

  11. All of these mixes are so good, but I’m especially into the Yung Sherman “Make Believe” mix. It’s not a far cry from the original, but those small changes make a huge difference and somehow make the song feel even more epic and beautiful.
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  12. "Make Believe" is one of my favorite songs ever and I loved Yung Sherman's remix. It's more an "alternative version" than an actual remix, but it's so beautiful.
    Overall, I think it's a great EP. Favorites would be Sherman, Dylan Brady and Mechatok.
  13. The “Invisible” remix is phenomenal, god damn.
  14. Her doing all this in her home(?) is a serve

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  15. She's a true genius. But the amount of work and care she puts in everything she does is what sets her apart.
  16. Reflections truly is one of the best albums ever made. She managed to make the most homogenic album and jet every song stands out individually.
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  17. Vinyl is finally starting to ship
  18. Not my photos, but damn it’s stunning

    It comes in a branded foil bag

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