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Hannah Diamond

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AlwaysTooLate9, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Hannah‘a Tour DJ and close friend CD-Romz has released her debut single under (what I assume is?) her real name Roma Radz. It’s called ‘Boyfriend in every City’ and it’s a cute Lil Hannah-Lite bop I’d say.
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  2. I'm still waiting for her to incorporate UK garage into her own stuff. She's obviously a huge fan of the genre.
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  3. Can’t believe it’s about to be a year

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  4. She’s performing in her anniversary stream right now and I’m shook that she sounds exactly like the album dd
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  5. The release date for the Reflections Hard Drive keeps getting pushed further with each passing day for some reason. I wonder why?
  6. Probably still getting all the extras ready
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  7. It released today. There's some neat bonus stuff (including Hannah's own font @Glitterizer) - the stock images are gorgeous and the behind-the-scenes stuff is cool. I'm slightly disappointed that there's not more music included, but I can't imagine how much time this must have taken to assemble so I'll sit here and eat my food nn. Her version of Superstar is cute!
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  8. Yes! I love the bonus behind the scenes videos and images. As a fellow creative, her whole process is fascinating to me.
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  9. She really said layering rights with these, honestly. The desktop images/Zoom backgrounds (imagining someone logging onto a meeting with a Hannah Diamond Zoom background is killing me) include the mountains from the Make Believe cover, and there's quite a few .png's included too, all in exquisite detail.

    I really want her to work on some visuals with Charli again, or just more pop stars in general - she knows her shit.
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  10. Dddd, not me dancing to this the same way she does.
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  11. This is so good

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  12. New song on the Tetris Beat soundtrack (??? OK work) produced by umru:

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  13. I can't seem to get this song to play on Apple Music anymore. Anyone else (sadface)?
  14. She’s teasing new music soon

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  15. There’s a video on YouTube of her performing the song ‘Staring At the Cieling’. Sounds very cute in that OG PC way she’s the only one still doing.
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