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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AlwaysTooLate9, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Queen Hannah!

    I love the sentiment. It's almost frighteningly relatable for us young gays who talked to other gays on AIM/Yahoo/MSN so we wouldn't feel so alone in our smal towns.
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  2. This might be my favourite Hannah song, hands down. The video is super cool as well. Her album really can't come soon enough!
  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I thought it was going to turn into 'Attachment' but the song is so good and the video is great. She's so cute!

    Queen Hannah, indeed!
  4. Attachment is still Hannah's best song, but Hi comes quite close.
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  5. I'm really starting to like her. I think "Every Night" and "Attachment" are great as well. Good job Hannah!
  6. Wow. I went and bought it straight away.
  7. Holy shit, how is it this so good.

    And you can't buy it in the US yet. ">:("
  8. Such a good chorus.
  9. That josep guy is not here for this, apparently.


    This is so out of charcater for him. I think this might be the first time he's ever given a song a negative review in his blog?

    Similarly, Popjustice tweeted the Hi music video paired with a "4/10".

    I can't say I'm surprised.
  10. Most people aren't here for PC Music but it's chill, more for us.
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  11. I don’t get the fuss on first listen.
  12. Honestly, I don't think he even knows she's put out anything prior to this (and seems to think A. G. Cook is a woman? Great research job there, Josep).

    OH WELL. I like it. It hits the same emotional spot in me that Pink and Blue did - there's something so weirdly endearing about the simplicity of her lyrics and how she delivers them.
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  13. Isn't the tone of this new single and video a bit condescending though, no? I feel like PC music so far straddled a fine line between equally celebrating as well as damning brainless bubblegum, but this for me tipped over too much in the latter direction of the scale.

    And no shade, but she looks really old in that "Saved by the Bell"-bedroom...
  14. Since when was Josep allowed to give an opinion. Link us to leaks and shut up, queen.
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  15. Not sure why anyone is concerned with what he has to say, as if it isn't stolen and filtered from ONTD and ATRL.
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  16. And Google Translate, by the looks of it.
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  17. Yeah, that, um, review is written rather poorly and Josep seems totally misinformed throughout. He makes it sound as if her collaboration with William E. Wright is what allowed for her to start a career in music, which is just plain wrong.

    Speaking of Diamond Wright, their visuals have to be one of the most amazing things to come out of the PC Music project. I kind of hope they help designing Charli's album cover.
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  18. I'm using this Jose P hatorade moment to complain about his "reporting" style. I can't stand how he just copies and pastes previous posts, burying in the new info and linking to the new stuff.

    But anyway. "Hi."
  19. Ugh. I know. I sometimes avoid clicking on certain posts from that blog because I know I'm going to have to scroll past 12 YouTube videos of performances of the current single to find the stream for the newly leaked song.
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  20. Uh...not really, no. It's no different tonally from the other singles she's put out. I don't think of her music as "damning" or mocking at all, although it's so on-the-nose I suppose I can see how it could be taken that way.
    Yes PLEASE. Charli did mention fairly recently on Instagram that she wanted to work with Hannah soon...
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