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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AlwaysTooLate9, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Fade Away is gorgeous. I hope an EP is at least in the pipeline!
    It's definitely her best in terms of vocals.
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  2. [​IMG]
    The artwork is killer!
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  3. Queen of killer artwork.
  4. I want album full of this and Hi. Make me burst into digital tears queen.
  5. Fuck yes. Easily her best song, although Hi will always be a soft spot for me.

    I love 2016, don't ever let it end.
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  6. Attachment came on shuffle yesterday and I was wondering when we were getting something new.

    I need MORE!
  7. This is a wonderful song.
  8. That first image is fucking amazing. It must be quite empowering to know that once this whole popstar lark is up, she can just become a successful fashion photographer. I know she already does a lot of the PC Music stuff, and it's pretty much all on point. Portfolio queen.
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  9. Agh, why did this have to be good? I love to hate PC Music.
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  10. I don't think she'll ever come out with an album, to be honest. PC Music seems to lack any sort of structure like to actually push a product and would rather just release in short bursts intermittently. Sophie's album was just a singles collection basically. Although it was nice.

    I just want like a real diva-worthy album campaign with a physical product to by. Hi and Fade Away are so cute. Fade Away sounds like each note she hits was pressed on a synthesizer and pumped to 100%. So vibrant, and the visuals are great. I know Hannah is a photographer and has an eye for looks.
  11. Giving me


  12. Fade Away is amazing! I'm interested in seeing how it holds up to Hi (which is her best work and the best thing to come out of PC Music in my opinion) in the future.

    Also anxiously awaiting an album update!
  13. Attachment is still my fave by Hannah, but Fade Away is stunning.
  14. Come on, you can't have these without...
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  15. Britney is my girl, but hers surely is the least iconic.
  16. What the artwork's giving me is dark-sided version of the best pop album cover ever, which is this:

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  17. In short, Hannah Diamond is the new Kylie, Christina, Britney AND Madonna.
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