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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AlwaysTooLate9, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Dropping us an early Christmas gift.
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  2. Her songs have all improved on the last.
  3. FUCK YES. Gimme.
  4. Make Believe is out on SoundCloud!

    Miss Hannah can do no wrong, can she?
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  5. Super cute. It's hard to follow up Fade Away but this holds it's weight.

    Going to have a listen to Hi again.
  6. I need the damn EP now! I really hope it isn't just all the songs we have now, though...
  7. ...am I going crazy or is there not a download link for this despite both Hannah and PC Music saying it's a free download?
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  8. The download link is make believe.
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  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I really like it. She's so cute.
  10. This is so good.
  11. Love the new song.
  12. This one sounds a bit like Sally Shapiro, doesn't it? It's pretty amazing.
  13. Probably her most gorgeous sounding song yet. I don't love the strange vocals during the middle 8, but great song overall.
  14. Is the download link not on SoundCloud anymore?
  15. I think it never was. Was it?
  16. Yeah it was, I got it straight away.
  17. Oh, what a shame then.
  18. She sings like a fire alarm being tested. I don't know if an entire album of that voice (with the weird vocal processing) would work. But she may surprise us.
  19. The Soundcloud download worked for me just a few minutes ago. It's an 11MB 320 kpbs MP3 file. The song is gorgeous, she's really changed up her sound with the last couple of songs, or rather defined it. I personally love her vocals, it almost feels the singing is exactly as they want it to be. I love everything she's done bar Every Night which I only like but is too bombastic. Time to change the thread title.
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