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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AlwaysTooLate9, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. The Soundcloud download is still working.
  2. I still can't get over Fade Away. It's such an immaculate song. Everytime I listen to it it gets better and better and I hear all the new tiny details that I didn't hear the previous time. And that unbelievable half-a-drop that gets ever so slightly grander each time with all those added sounds. Ugh, so good.
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  3. Where the fuck is the EP?!
  4. Good question.
  5. EP just released
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  6. Is it Christmas
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  7. GORGEOUS. Concrete Angel is amazing.
  8. This is absolutely gorgeous. She needs to put out a full length project ASAP.
  9. whoooop lovely
  10. Island

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  11. I was really starting to think we weren't getting anything ever what a pleasant surprise !!
  12. The EP is stellar. First song is very cute, second song is crazy and the third one is a tropical (Felix) snowy bop. It's going to be on rotation for a while. Btw, the .zip file is named “Soon” so maybe this is all teasing towards a bigger project?
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  13. The EP is called 'Soon I won't see you at all' so I think that's where that stems from but fingers crossed.
  14. What an amazing surprise to wake up to. On first listen, The Ending is my favorite.
  15. I love the synth on Never Again. It reminds me of From Disco To Disco by Whirpool Productions.
  16. Still terrible tbh o/
  17. Concrete Angel is very cheesy 90s german techno. Blümchen would be shook. Love how the instrumental is building up and becomes more and more absurd.
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  18. Where is this?!
  19. =
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