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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AlwaysTooLate9, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Free download in the YouTube description, boo!
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  2. Ah, thank you. Silly me thinking it was on Spotify or iTunes or something.
  3. The Ending is so great. Even if Fade Away is still her masterpiece, I just wish the EP was longer!
  4. I love this. I really wish it was more than just three tracks though.

    (Part of me thought Concrete Angel was going to be a Martina McBride cover, and I'm lowkey sad it's not)
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  5. Just in case anyone needed confirmation, this is incredible.
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  6. A fan asked her to put up Soon I won't see you at all and she replied that the songs are part of a bigger project that's coming out at some point. And that's your news for the day.
  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    There's been a bigger project on hold for like 3 years, though. I don't really understand why she hasn't released much considering it's not like she's holding out for a hit song.
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  8. I think making music is kinda a side project for her. Her main thing is photography/visuals.
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  9. I've actually been revisiting "Soon" a lot this past week and all three songs remain excellent. A longer project in that same vein would be a dream tbh.
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  10. Why is "Soon" not on Spotify?
  11. Apparently,
  12. Ooh. Good (?) then.
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  14. Get on with it.
  15. Please be actually soon, and not "soon" in Hannah Diamond years.
  16. Yaaaaasss kween of Hed Kandi

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  17. Visuals are being worked on

  18. Come through, First Lady of PC Music.
    Please be a full length project.
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