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Harry Potter and the Author's Other Various Endeavours

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sam de Jour, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Oh great, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Queerbait Them. Can't wait.
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  2. Lauren's getting blocked.
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  3. Her response is so tone deaf but then again so was her response to not recasting Depp

    She deserves all the backlash she’s getting, she has brought it all on herself and could have been easily avoided. She wrote the screenplay and had all the power to finally show the world Dumbledore’s sexuality since she made such a big deal out of it when she announced that he was gay all those years ago, and now she’s just like “nah”

  4. This is the second most homophobic thing she’s done. The first, obviously, being the “let’s make a whole play about Albus Severus and Scorpius mooning after each other as Imogen Heap’s Half-Life plays in the background, then NOT MAKE THEM GAY” hate crime.
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    Well, you validated this hate crime yourselves by reading that goddamn awful story.
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  6. Am I wrong in thinking that Fantastic Beasts is taking place after the whole Dumbledore-Grindelwald relationship would have taken place? Because I thought that was when they were both young, whereas Grindelwald is now in full-blown maniac mode. Obviously the movies should still show the repercussions of this with Dumbledore but???

    The movie is still cancelled for Depp though.
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    Yeah, this is way after Arianna's death. But not showing their relationship when they're facing each other, potentially, or to even set up their connection, seems incredibly suspect.
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  8. Rowling is being awfully defensive. They always say, never meet your heroes. I fear we are watching the legacy of the franchise being ruined and cheapened.
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    I used to think she was so smart and eloquent. I don’t think she’s dumb, but I believe she needs to step back from the echo chamber she lives in.

    I can’t believe no one around her has pointed how ridiculous she is coming across with all these decisions. Granted I bet no one is because she keeps making them millions.

    But it’s quite sad.
  10. Yates needs to go. His style is uninspired and he ravaged the source material in his first two directorial jobs, and now he's here, putting his foot in it with these ignorant statements.
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    I hope Emma Watson also critiques their decisions. She seems to be learning quite well about her place in feminism.
  12. I hate Yates' style. God, he made all of the spells in the movies look like little blue flashes.
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    Hmm I don’t mind his style, since at least it was cohesive. But it isn’t the most inspired.
  14. Just got back from The Cursed Child. Part One was fucking amazing. Part Two was serviceable. Overall I enjoyed it a lot.

    I’m guessing lots of people are shipping Albus and Scorpius and upset they weren’t gay. But, y’know... stories about friendship are actually quite nice.
  15. All the kicking off about Fantastic Beasts 2 feels... premature. Complain when you’ve seen it, hunties.
  16. The first seven had friendships aplenty. A gay romance would have been the silver lining on an otherwise bad, silly and illogical play.
  17. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it.
  18. Ah, I saw it last week! Out of the four 'Acts', so to speak, Act II was definitely the strongest. Visually, it was pretty incredible - although most of it was reserved for Part I (anything Time Turner or Polyjuice Potion related, the scene in Hermione's office, and the 'cliffhanger' between the two parts were all highlights). Scorpius was great, and pretty much consistently stole the show.

    Aside from that, I had pretty large problems with it.

    I could genuinely go on for hours (and I did in the pub across the road), but in short, it boils down to genuinely startling problems with the plot (for example: the idea that Cedric Diggory would become a Death Eater after fucking up in the Triwizard Tournament; Bellatrix being pregnant at some point between books 5-7 and managing to hide it from everyone; being able to transfigure Harry into fucking Voldemort; Hermione keeping an incredibly dangerous, banned object withheld so poorly that children could uncover it - then Draco just casually turning up with another one in Part II), utterly bizarre set-ups (I feel they were going for a Ford Anglia in the air moment with the whole Guardian of the Hogwarts Express scene on top of the damn train, but it was just so... odd), and whilst I appreciate that theatre does require a certain emphatic nature, there was some pretty shoddy acting across the board. Ginny's performance had all the nuance of being hit with a sledgehammer, Hagrid had a horrendous accent, Snape was so off, and whilst I was actually quite surprised that Harry generally translated well, his exchanges with Dumbledore were mostly off-base as well.

    And, to be honest, a lot more.

    Sorry, I didn't set out to rain on your post-theatre glow! Whilst I'm glad I saw it, mostly for the spectacle, I honestly think I'll be doing my best to forget the plot entirely. It was very, very apparent that it wasn't written by Jo, but then again, there were so many points throughout where I was taken aback at moments she'd given the green light to. I actually physically cringed at points, with a substantial portion of it feeling embarrassingly like fanfiction.
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  19. I think the transfiguration into Voldemort was the biggest atrocity. Like.....why is this suddenly possible??? Why did no one utilise this in the original series?? It was just a moment where the disparity between the books / movies and the play became startlingly obvious.
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    They do that?!

    Scream. With what purpose?
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