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Harry Potter and the Author's Other Various Endeavours

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sam de Jour, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. JK Rowling has been cancelled for me since she said that people who wanted Scottish independence were like Death Eaters.
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  2. No matter how much I love the books and how much they helped define my childhood, the whole deal is off for me when I see that this is a woman who at one point explained why Harry Potter would agree with her decision not to boycott Israel. She's just incredibly stupid and an example of everything that's wrong with today's "liberalism" or whatever the fuck her political orientation might be described as. Everything after the Deathly Hollows, including her expansion of the myth via her twitter and Pottermore, Fantastic Beasts and The Cursed Child - it's all been just a huge farce to keep the fanbase going, but not in a good way. She's just doing more damage and ruining even that which was good about the books (and to a lesser degree, the movies) - they were self-contained enough. They never needed these stupid sequels, spinoffs, idiotic tweets offering extra information about racial, sexual or religious background of the characters (+ despite it, being arrogant enough to erase Dumbledore's sexuality from the film centered on his love object). But if all that extra material had to be provided, they could at least have put some effort into it instead of making half-baked products with sociopolitically dubious choices, which also contradict the series themselves on so many levels.
    I'm sure she will outdo all of it with her next move tho, like she always does.
  3. She said fucking WHAT?!?
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  4. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/ukn...-Scottish-independence-statement-in-full.html

    I thought it was such an odd thing to say. I don't remember it really being a thing that only people of Scottish ethnicity should have had a say in the vote, or definitely not to the extent that she made it seem.
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  5. Damn, the passive aggressiveness is DRIPPING from her pen.

    J K Rowling has really annoyed me the past few years with some of her comments. Who would have guessed the sis could be so messy.
  6. I've come to realise that a lot of my favourite authors and creative people are messy, to say the least, so I try and distance myself from that sort of thing unless they really cross a line.

    I wish JK had started to write new Wizarding World novels instead of jumping straight to movies and a stage play. I feel the end products would have been superior.

    I'm sure she feel incredibly burnt out by it all though. Taking somewhat of a back seat like this allows her to have her cake and eat it.
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  7. Yes exactly this. I dont think the entire Cursed Child is bad because there are some aspects that could be fantastic if they would be written the right way.

    The whole thing with Albus joining Slytherin and becoming best friends with Scorpius is already a plot point with HUGE potential. It would be a great opportunity to show that Slytherin can have normal/good people in them because lets be real: even if some Slytherins showed some human/good side (Snape, Slughorn, Narcissa) they were still a bunch of scumbags and thats just mindblowing if you think about it. It doesnt make any sense that one house at Hogwarts is full of nasty and just EVIL people. I always thought Rowling made a mistake by not trying to show some people who would befriend Harry (or the Order) despite being in Slytherin.

    But putting that aside, having Albus, Scorpius and Rose being the new trio and have them trying to wrestle with their parents image, their past and how it all affects their lives that would be amazing. The needed danger/enemy could be some brand new evil (afterall its been 19 years since Voldemort). In fact i think it would be cool if they were going against someone who isnt big as Voldemort or Grindelwald. The world is far bigger and lets face it: the whole HP was basically only UK with few international characters. Having to deal with someone (or something?) who's still unknown (and because of that very dangeous) could work so well. New enemy, new types/kinds of magic plus new and old characters - this could be huge for a new book or even a new series
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  8. Since we are discussing this mess of a play, I have a question. Correct me if I am wrong since I have read the books a long time ago but...

    Harry's scar hurting suddenly is another lame plot right? Didn't Rowling make it clear in the books that Harry's scar hurts because it was a horcrux so the moment Harry killed him, the pain and as well as the Parseltounge ability disappeared?

    So Harry's scar hurting just because Delphie is Voldemort's daughter is stupid, that should have never happened. The whole thing reminded me of Spiderman - Harry's sense were tingling whenever danger occured, riiight...
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  9. A plot about two Slytherin kids defying everyone's expectations by saving Hogwarts from a new villain is literally a wonderful and sufficient story. But they ruined it with endless fan service.

    This exactly. The scar hurting is explicit because of the horcrux, which Harry doesn't have anymore. It's an error, and it's amazing it made it into the play.
  10. I'm currently rereading Deathly Hallows for the first time since its publication and honestly... wig.

    Also, I'm always aghast whenever I come across Cursed Child plot details in passing, like I have in the last few pages of this thread. Not because I don't want to be spoiled, but because it all sounds like an awful joke. What the fuck did sign off on?
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  11. Another error if you ask me is how the hell did Bella end up pregnant without anyone knowing despite having birth in Malfoy’s manor - it simply doesn’t add up.

    If we ignore for a sec its apsurd Malfoys didn’t know, you’d think at least Snape would have found out and report to Dumbledore. Or heck, even Harry who had visions with Voldemort.

    Just don’t mess with the story that was already written because it doesn’t fit with the canon.

    And yeah, fan service is a thing that annoyed me the most about the play. Its like the writers read all the debates over the years and decided to bring it all in so we have Dumbledore/Harry conversation, Draco a good guy, Snape a good guy, Scorpius/Albus, Scorpius/Rose, Ron/Hermione meant to be in every timeline to a point where Hermione is a bitter teacher without him.

    If they wanted drama, they could have shown that without the time travel. Harry could work on his relationship with Al, Ginny could be sick of being a housewife, Hermione could struggle as a minister, Ron could resent her for that a bit - it certainly wouldn’t be out of character since he was jealous and insecure so many times in the books. And heck, since they made Rose a bit of a bitch anyway, they could both found out how she treats her cousin and talk to her about that.

    The point is that “what if” scenarios are unecessary.

    By the way, why, WHY did Albus have to kiss his AUNT as Ron? If they had to make this joke, Scorpius could have done it. However, that joke is also old since similar thing was done in DH part 1 movie.
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  12. I went to see the Cursed Child last year. Its kind of the best and worst thing ive ever seen ..? The story line is so weird and makes no sense but everyone acting in it was proper brilliant.
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  13. I just remembered in the Cursed Child that the trolley woman has been there for decades and is some sort of ghost and tries to stop people from getting off the train KIIII
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  14. Maybe Ol' JoRo is trolling us ?
  16. I went to a Harry Potter drag brunch today in which a sexy Dobby lip synced to Work From Home, Work and Hard Knock Life.

    It was transcendent.

    Also if you follow me on insta look for Bellatrix losing her wig mid twirl.
  17. Oh my god
  18. It was Max from Drag Race.
  19. If ever a better way to spend a hungover morning existed...

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  20. So has anybody else been a bit disappointed by these Strike dramas? I’ve only just watched The Silkworm as I’d only just read the book (and can’t watch Career of Evil yet as I haven’t read the book for that one), and just came out of it a bit disappointed.

    They’re clearly well made dramas but there just seemed to be something lacking for me. Although I think I enjoyed Cuckoo’s Calling a lot more than The Silkworm.
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