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Harry Potter and the Author's Other Various Endeavours

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sam de Jour, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Y'all should go to Père-Lachaise. Maybe Monsieur Grindelwald is interested in this capitalism talk?
  2. Overall I like it but there are things that really bother me.

    - like the wizarding world setting
    - Leta, too bad she died
    - Grindlewald, he is much more interesting than movie Voldemort
    - I actually like Nagini
    - I think they showed enough that Grindlewald and Dumbledore were more than friends

    But the things I hate

    - I found the whole Queenie switching sides pretty weak and sudden
    - Flamel appearing is ridiculous, he better appear in the next movies
    - McGonagall still bothers me
    - and since when can you apparate near Hogwarts? Sure, Rowling can say “but you know, this was banned in the 50s” but these alterations still bother me, like Dumbledore is suddenly a DADA teacher.

    But most of all... Credence is Dumbledore’s brother. What the hell? We know for years he has a sister and a brother but now look, he has another one, wooow. Its ridiculous, I can totally see now why she is fine with Delphie.

    This is not really a spoiler, just something that this movie reminded me of. It always bothered me how love potions and spells are perfectly ok in the wizarding world. Thats like a date rape pill, its disturbing how Rowling came up with this, at least to me.
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  3. On the love potion thing, I think she makes the case of it being wrong with the whole Voldemort story.
    He was unable to love because he was the product of a relationship that wasn’t real (Merope had Riddle father infatuated, etc).
    But... yeah, it’s weird how it’s so easily accessible.

    As for other spoilers

    They do appear at the bridge, so that’s technically not Hogwarts, is it?

    As for the rest... I imagine she will drop plenty of Pottermore stories eventually to explain why Dumbledore switched subjects and whatnot.

    Flamel and McGonagall are just there for fanservice and she’ll have to take a detour on those. I can see her coming up with a tweet saying that all McGonagalls are traditionally teachers and whatnot.

    And the most Credence can be is a half brother. So... maybe Father Dumbledore received a visit in Azkaban by someone who looked like his wife because of some Polyjuice usage or whatever.
  4. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that it is showcased how it is not ok to do it but yeah, I was mostly implying how its weird it is so easy to do it and how its perfectly normal. I mean, I don't get how would anyone want a "love" like that as its not really love, people who drink it act so strange and kind of comical. I hoped Rowling would some day say at least someone is against it, fighting for it to be banned. But no, Molly talked with glee how she made a love potion as a teenager while Ron gave a love potion to Albus Potter. So weird.
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  5. Love potions and spells are such a longstanding trope in stories about witches though, especially as so many humans are driven by “love”. I think she dealt with that sort of thing quite well.
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  6. I watched it yesterday, and much like the first one, I really can't get invested in any of the characters or the story at all. Eddie Redmane (I won't even say Newt because that barely passes as a character) remains an awful protagonist, and everyone else is just kind of there. There was some potential with Leta and Queenie but even that could have been explored much better. There are just way too many characters (like, Tina and Jacob could have easily been cut from the movie altogether and it would have made 0 difference) and everything just ends up really convoluted but also totally shallow at the same time.

    The setpieces, creatures and special effects were fantastic, but it's sad when that's all you take from a movie.
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  7. I mean magic is neutral, it's not right or wrong. Think about polyjuice, felix felicis, Imperium or any other spell really, most of them are actually a form of assualt... They learn how to use magic but it's up to the wizard to chose if and how to use it.
  8. I agree, you have a good point, evetything is how you use it, its the same in real life - with a knife you can slice a piece of bread but you can also stab someone.

    However, I simply find it weird that someone would even want a love like that and that some characters we know, like Ron and Molly for example, think its ok to use such love potions.
  9. Yes, but the are also people like Hermione that are against potions like that. She also wasn't really good with Harry using the Felix Felicis with Ron before finding out the truth. On the other hand she used Confundo with that other guy to make Ron win the selections. So... I think it's all about the freedom of choice of the person.
  10. Yeah, and Hermione is a person who also thought its ok to turn Rita into a bug and trap it into a jar and scar Cho’s friend for life haha, so her actions are questionable at times when you think about it.
  11. Both of these are totally fine to me. Kii. JK, queen of creating villains that aren’t men.
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  12. Marietta deserved it. Snitches get scarred.
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  13. Thats all fine but lets be honest here - if Draco had done those things, we would yell how awful he is.

    I don't really mind all of that though, it just shows Hermione is also flawed, contrary to the belief of only movie goers that Hermione is perfect. Her elves cause is also questionable because she was 100% sure everyone wants freedom. I do find it ridiculous though so many exaggarate about the birds attack on Ron in HBP. Yes, she was rash and I bet it hurt Ron but she clearly did it in the moment - I have seen comments acting like she planned that and how she practically killed him. Oh please, its not like Ron was a saint, both he and Hermione could be rather vicious to one another.

    Its fascinating how in the last few years people on internet act as if Ron is this saint and that all of his bad traits are justified, how he can do no wrong. Its even worse with Snape, I don't know what the hell happened that so many people praise him so much. I like him exactly because he has flaws. Yes, he did the right thing in the end but lets not pretend he was an ass most of the time, his last good deeds can't erase all the bad things he did for a very long time. All of that makes him an interesting character but he is definitely not a flawless hero.
  14. This was...okay. As has been said before, it’s visually quite stunning but the original series being constantly shoehorned in feels convoluted.

    I did like the fact that Queenie went bad, as it shows how sadly alluring fascism can be. The stuff about World War 2 and the atomic bomb was great too; it did bother me a bit how Wizardkind seemed so ignorant to Muggle life, something like Hiroshima/Nagasaki would obviously have affected witches and wizards too.

    The Aurelius Dumbledore storyline though...please say Grindelwald is just lying. Star Wars did it so better with Rey; having her parents be nobodies actually struck a chord moreso than them being well-known characters.
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  15. People with shitty views always leave the full stop off the end of their tweets.
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  16. So I’m looking to get tickets for the Cursed Child in London. On ticketmaster they’re about £290 a ticket in the stalls. Is that the typical price?
  17. Shouldn’t be.

    I’ve been checking the official sites and you can get royal/dress circle tickets (the best in a theatre, basically) for 100 per play.
    Still expensive, but it’s 90 less.
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  18. Dame Maggie Smith is 84 today!
  19. I...

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