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Harry Potter and the Author's Other Various Endeavours

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sam de Jour, Aug 8, 2015.

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  2. That is hilariously disgusting. I wish Jo had tweeted it herself cos it's better than the usual shitty retcons she posts.

    "Bathrooms" tho?? It's a British school. They'd be toilets, water closets or "conveniences".
  3. Also, implying that bathrooms and plumbing are the same thing is just...factually not true.

  4. JK after approving that tweet
  5. I hope she follows through with more scatological content.
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  6. I just can't with this woman

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  7. I’m pretty sure that fact was on Pottermore’s site a good while back?
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  8. Wait, wut?
  9. Maybe all the vanished wee and poo teleported to a secret part of the castle and is waiting to be discovered.
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  10. Room of Requirements found decontaminated.
  11. It’s funny how people are going wild about this now when it’s been around for months. I mean, it doesn’t even make sense. I know that if I just pooed all down myself once, I’d never want to have to deal with the smell and feeling ever again, regardless of if I could magic it away.

    Also, I’m still playing Hogwarts Mystery a lot and I’m finding it so strange that months in and there’s still no Quidditch (And to a lesser degree, Diagon Alley).
  12. Also um what about the chamberpots that were mentioned in (I think) the sixth book?
  13. It's crazy to think of all those wizards shit vanishing for years only to reappear as the plot of Cursed Child.
  14. Fantastic Shits and Where to Hide Them
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  15. Did It On Em (Hogwarts Grounds remix)
  16. Seriously... Kill Twitter.
  17. Kill JK Rowling’s Quick Quotes Quill
  18. So I found an in depth chapter by chapter synopsis of Nancy “N.K” Stouffer’s Rah and the Muggles the other day, so decided to give it a read. My god, no wonder she was trying to sue Rowling as there’s absolutely no way she’d make money from her own writing. Truly awful.
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  19. I had no idea what this was, so I searched for it on goodreads and the reviews are sending me.

    It's also part of a list called Stupid Books

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  20. So apparently I've read 7/15 of the books on that list. The Engelsfors book shouldn't be on the list though, 'cause those books are awesome
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