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Harry Potter and the Author's Other Various Endeavours

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sam de Jour, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Haha those reviews are even more entertaining than the book.

    The other funny thing is, around the same time as the Harry Potter and Me documentary Channel 5 did their own one (they mainly interviewed people like her old teachers and stuff) and it had a small bit about Nancy Stouffer. She was saying about how the whole work hadn’t been stolen but “the meat”, “the gut” and it’s like, what meat and guts? Aside from the word Muggles (and then the names Larry and Lily Potter from some other nonsense she wrote) there is no similarities between the books at all.
  2. So!

    To those of you who have been to The Cursed Child: is it worth it to throw over 200 quid for this to get good seats in the dress circle, or should I just go for something cheaper?

    If I lived in London I'd try the 40 thingy every day until I won it, but having to plan my visits makes it almost compulsory that I have to buy the tickets the old way if I want to see it.
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  3. I got the second cheapest seats (£100 for 4 seats in total), and it was pretty amazing. Obviously, it’s gonna be better if you have the more expensive seats, but it’s a a pretty good show even without those.
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  4. Yeah, I would gamble it with whatever, but seatplan has me questioning everything.
  5. For any London based fans...

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  6. He


    Joanne has become so tiring.
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  7. Accio Douche!
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  8. Then why didn’t you show it in your books/films, you hag
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  9. At this point, if they don’t show Dumbledore being gangbanged in the Gryffindor common room, everyone will be disappointed.
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  10. He


    The thing is that she quickly takes it back and says that is not of interest for the story/movie.

    We’ll keep getting queer coding, and butch grey clothed Dumbledore.
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  11. She’s such a troll.
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  12. JK leaves an increasingly sour taste in my mouth these days. I wish she’d just finished the books and let the series be great for what it was.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Precisely my sentiment. I only watched the movies a couple of years ago, since they became increasingly detached from the books in sentiment. It's like it was meant for me to be a teenager with Harry, and now when I'm significantly older, it's like a magical world I can never go back to. It was also an escape from my actual teens, like for many gay kids who never fit in as a Muggle. Outing Dumbledore feels cynical even after all these years. I also feel like sexuality in the books was sort of... irrelevant(?), so this latest comment sours it in retrospect - it's not the spirit of the series to give a shit about those kinds of things. Leave it as it is, Jo.
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  15. i dont mind this one
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  16. I really thought she might have learned something from the wizards shitting themselves debacle, but now I'm afraid of what other suggestions she has in mind. McGonagall fucked with both tomcats and queen cats?
  17. I'd bet at Sirius having rich gay sex life news next
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