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Harry Potter and the Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sam, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Sam


    I've seen Haz Potz discussions springing up quite often round here, so I thought I'd make a thread. Currently reading Deathly Hallows for the 1000th time. I love it so much.

    What are everyone's expectations for Fantastic Beasts next year? I'm cautiously optimistic.
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  3. Hermione, Dumbledore and Snape for me.

    I've been in a mood for Potter for quite some time now since they're showing all the movies on tv this summer and im about to re-read the books once again. Cant really say i have a big expectations when it comes to Fantastic Beasts but i hope it will surprise me in a positive way.
  4. I haven't actually read Deathly Hallows since it first came out—eight years, wow. So my memory is quite hazy about that one.

    I'd like to reread it, but I'd want to reread the whole series and every time I try to do that I get as far as Order of the Phoenix and lose the will to live.

    In fact I think I've read Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows once, Goblet and Azkaban twice, Chamber of Secrets like three times and Philosopher's Stone four or five times. Apart from Deathly Hallows, I'd say that correlates with how good I think they each are.

    Or maybe I'm just not a strong reader and can't handle those word counts I dunno.
  5. Sam


    I have a love hate relationship with the first two books.
  6. I like how she wrote Chamber of Secrets and Azkaban in a year and it's easy to say well why the hell did it take her seven years to write the shortest book in the series, but then you look at the series as a whole and it's like yeah I can believe it took seven years to plan something as intricately linked and richly complex as that.
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  7. Sam


    Yeah she would have the main bulk of the story down in those seven years. My only gripe is that I wish the actual concept of the Hallows had been introduced much sooner, rather like the concept of Horcruxes being introduced in Chamber of Secrets.
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  8. I find 'Deathly Hallows' such a complete let down as a book, especially after 'Half Blood Prince' floored me and became my fav of the series.
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  9. My favourite aspect was always the mysteries so for me Goblet's bae. Although Order might be the 'best'.

    Anyone here used the quiz app QuizUp? I was crushing some poor its on the Harold mode just yesterday.
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  10. Order is the best book I'd say. It has the most development, the best villain and is all around a joy to read.

    Harry Potter is probably my favourite thing ever.
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  11. Best book: Half Blood Prince
    Best Film: Order of The Pheonix

    WORST FILM: Goblet of Fire. It's so bad?!
  12. Sam


    The first few chapters put me off to be honest. The entire part at the Ministry is incredible though.
  13. Everything from Hogwarts onwards is great.

    Goblet is a terrible film, especially coming off the back of brilliant source material and the third film. There was tones of material to squeeze in, but it's just boring to watch. Also, why would anyone bother coming to the second and third trials when they couldn't see anything? Madness.
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  14. I tried watching all the films in order over a week a few months ago, and the terrible acting from almost all the children in Philosopher's Stone makes it nearly unwatchable. Thank god they improved in Chamber Of Secrets.

    I might try and get some new copies of the books, I think I passed them on to someone years ago.
  15. Sam


    I still have all of my original copies. Philosopher's Stone has gone AWOL, though.

    I'm not really a fan of Goblet. The Triwizard is so dull.
  16. Thanks for opening this @Sam de Jour!

    Harry Potter is everything, to be quite honest. I don't think any other cultural product has occupied my life as much or for as long as it has.

    Substantively, I think the series becomes an altogether different affair from the end of Goblet of Fire, when it ceases being a mere children's book. The themes of mortality and morality it deals with after that are actually quite serious, and the characters, especially Harry, become proxies for playing these issues out. My favourite has always been Half-Blood Prince; I think it hones in on what evil might mean and what counts as good in that context, in such a poignant way; those scenes with the pensieve where Harry learns and understands what he has to do are so powerful. And then there's Dumbledore.

    I don't think the films ever caught up to the books. Perhaps if they waited until the books were finished, some of the foundational stuff could have been dealt with right. The last films pretty much skip the thematic core of the books. But I'm not particularly bothered. The books are entirely enough.
  17. Half Blood Prince is incredible, engaging and genuinely a captivating read.

    Deathly Hallows was slightly boring, and totally unrewarding by the end.
  18. There's a lightness and breeziness to the first three books which help make them a far easier read than the darker but more rewarding latter four.

    I just wish the Hallows and Horcruxes had a little more development, if only because of how well other themes are tied throughout the series.
  19. Sam


    Really?! Deathly Hallows was everything for me. All the way from The Dark Lord Ascending through to 19 Years Later.

    The Prince's Tale, The Forest Again and King's Cross are fucking incredible.
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  20. I haven't read them since for my first time, but I remember being so disappointed. The movie kind of took the sting out a bit, but I still can't come around to that ending.
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