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Harry Potter and the Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sam, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. I gave up on it as well. I just felt like I already had Pokemon Go and there was no point having two of them, especially as switching between the two got annoying after a while.

    I still enjoy Hogwarts Mystery, but I find myself having to take breaks between plays of that too as it can get repetitive. But I do enjoy the fact that it has a proper story.
  2. I will admit I am still playing Hogwarts Mystery religiously dddd
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  3. Off-topic, but seems like the most appropriate thread: What do you guys think of this ongoing lawsuit between Depp and Heard? Now that I've heard the leaked phone calls, I feel a bit gross and guilty about trash talking him so much and basically boycotting this series over it. I've never doubted his guilt but now my gut tells me I was wrong. But what if I'm wrong about that? A mess.

    Jo is still a total TERF and the writing sounds a complete mess so I don't think I'll be going back to it ddd

    I do plan on reading Lethal White at last though because I really love the Strike series, but I am kinda worried that all the real-world stuff will kind of sour it for me a bit.
  4. LTG


    Hopefully no transphobia in this one, but I’m not confident.
  5. I couldn't get into the Strike novels. Got halfway through The Cuckoo's Calling and gave up. Am I missing out on anything?
  6. aux


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  7. I think it's a truly great crime fiction series, and one where you can definitely get invested in the characters and the overarching story as well, but if you couldn't get into the first one I'm not sure you'd like the others either. Ultimately I'd say it depends on whether you're a fan of the genre or not.
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  8. I haven't even read the 4th one yet.
  9. I’ve found my enjoyment of each of the books has depended on how interested I am in the setting she’s chosen for the story. I was entertained by her skewering of the fashion industry (Cuckoo’s Calling) and those who work in politics (Lethal White) but less interested in the publishing world (Silkworm, which also happened to be transphobic to boot). Career of Evil, which I probably enjoyed the most, doesn’t really have a distinct setting or theme other than the fact it’s all pretty grim and nasty.

    It’s ok but wasn’t the best in the series for me, plot-wise. My order is 3>1>4>2.
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  10. I loved the first three, but I haven't read the fourth one yet.
  11. She’s finally able to relax for the first time in a couple of weeks and watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the first time ever.
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  12. ....The first time ever? Why now?
  13. What did you think?
  14. Well, they showed it on tv and I'm not allowed to go outside... That's it.

    I read the book a couple of years ago and was never invested in the movies... So I took the chance and decided to dive in.

    I wasn't disappointed and enjoyed most of it though Hermione's that girl I hated in school myself, but some parts of it seemed kinda... dated? Idk.
  15. Yeah, Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber Of Secrets have aged like milk, whereas the others hold up pretty well I think. I also find the first two incredible boring compared to the others. It really took them a moment to properly figure out the pace. Also, I think the first two just look a bit naff. It’s all a bit Sunday Afternoon on the BBC, whereas Prisoner onwards they’ve got a much more unique and interesting visual palette.
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    Alfonso Cuarón was that bitch teebs. If they'd carried on with Columbus's more cartoony style, it just wouldn't have fit with how the books were turning. Azkaban was a good moment to make that shift.
  17. He


    Alfonso did maybe the adaptation that worked best as a movie. 4 undid all his touches and is just messy. 5-8 are pretty consistent and high quality, in general.
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  18. I really dislike the movies personally - I find the acting of the main 3 painful to watch and the changes they made, or what they omitted really irked me.
    I think out of all of them Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite but i haven’t watched any of them more than once and just return to the books.
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  19. He


    Once I got over wanting everything included or not wanting changes, I got to enjoy the films much more.

    Movie 4 is just plain bloated and the tone is all over the place, though stunning in places. 7 is rather amazing.
  20. I always argue that Deathly Hallows 1 is the best one. Daniel was actually quite good in it and Emma was low key a bit excellent. Rupert was still shit but the character of Ron is very poorly written in that one and completely abandoned by the end.
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