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Harry Potter and the Transphobic Author

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sam, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. While I did enjoy the books/movies, I never thought JK Rowling was very good at world building.
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  2. I've been listening to the Goblet of Wine podcast during lockdown.

    It's these two British women who get drunk and discuss two chapters per episode.

    It's OK. Some of their insights are surprisingly fresh for some books I've been reading for 20 years but I lowkey feel you'd need to be drunk with them to truly enjoy it. They also have that annoying "I'm from a privileged background so am going to go out of my way to be as openly left-wing as a form of guilt" thing going on which wears very thin.

    Does Potterless get better? I made it half way through the first book and couldn't really get on board with listening to someone who knows nothing about something I know lots about.
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    I remember really liking Witch Please, it was quite good. At least their discussions of the books and movies.
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  4. If you're after Podcasts then I'd recommend the Binge Mode Harry Potter series. Very engaging, they go through all the books (split by chapter) and films. They also have deep dives which are great.
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  5. I mean, I know we have a lot of reasons to dislike J.K at the moment but that tweet does lead to a personal £1m donation shared between Refuge and Crisis...
  6. I was about to say the same. If you actually read those 4 tweets she's donating £1million to charities, so I'm not too sure where that post was meant to be going...
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  7. I think the point @scottdisick94 is trying to make is that if you think talking about fictional deaths is inappropriate, don't mention it in the first place. But it's good she donated, anyway.
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  8. Very happy she donated. But she really said ‘it would be wrong of me to bring this up.... but let me just do it anyway.’
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  9. I mean, she's not doing anything wrong here. She's donating lots of money. Let's call her out when she actually acts foolish, which she does plenty of times anyway.
  10. So just finished a reread of the whole series and honestly feel a bit bereft. I think with the corona of it all I’d manage to escape for 2weeks into the wizarding world with old friends and it was really nice, I know JKR problematic as all hell and this might make me low key problematic, but I am still able to fully immerse myself and appreciate this world that she created fully.

    I was chatting with my dad and he asked me what I thought it was that made Harry Potter as big as it was and I realized how it was really kind of a cultural reset for our generation, right? Is it our Star Wars? What do you think it was that made it as popular as it was and continues to be?
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  11. Personally, it was an escape from regular school as a kid. I never really liked how and what things were taught so finding a place, where you get to learn all these cool things captivated me.
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    Maybe in the face of such dramatic, sudden events like the Oklahoma City bombing, the death of Princess Diana, and ultimately 9/11, there was an entire generation of children desperate for escapism, a world where kids their own age possess agency and power, and good triumphing over evil.
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  14. Next she'll be tweeting out support to Johanna Cherry
  15. Imagine being a famous and successful children’s author and not realising how much you’re now potentially really hurting those people. The cognitive dissonance is unreal. It’s so depressing.
  16. This thread on the various places to are claimed to be inspiration for the novels is very insteresting. I visited Edinburgh last year and it's a great experience for a fan.

  17. I never want to see anything from that TERF ever again. Let Harry Potter exist entirely separately from her.
  18. I've corrected this for you.
  19. Even then I need people to remember that supporting Harry Potter = supporting her indirectly, but god please let's NOT share her stupid twitter on here ever again unless it's to taint her already low name.
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