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Harry Potter and the Transphobic Author

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sam, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Jesus fucking Christ she’s off on another anti-Trans tangent......again!

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  2. She’s... deranged.
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  3. What imaginary world do they live in where they think being trans is more widely accepted than being gay?
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  4. Also it’s LGBTQI, we aren’t about to turn on our own, so she can fuck off with her ‘I’m just trying to protect the Gays’.

    Fuck you JK.
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  5. It's like in one of her earlier Twitter threads when she said she'd march with trans people if they were being discriminated against. There's no fucking if about it.
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  6. I don't think she's thought through the implications of her arguments:

    1) Doctors are lazy and pushing kids to transition instead of treating the problem

    2) Doctors are pushing kids to transition because they're gay

    So... Being gay is a problem that needs to be treated? What the hell is her point here?
  7. Have we addressed the fact that one of her consistent arguments is about how transitioning can stop you from having kids? As if having a child is the judgment of one’s quality of life.
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  8. For many people, that still seems to be the case.
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  9. It's the type of purposefully inflammatory language TERFs use.

    Instead of acknowledging that the point for many is to lower their production of sperm because they do not want to produce sperm, and thus one of the desired effects, they'll call it something inflammatory like "sterilization" or "castration" to make it seem as though doctors are secretly sterilizing people.

    It's propaganda. Estradiol is given to cis women dealing with being post-menopausal. You don't see anyone arguing that doctors who treat cis men for enlarged prostate issues are "FORCIBLY STERILIZING THEM" despite the fact that antiandrogen therapy for prostate cancer leads to the same fertility issues that are disingenuously being labeled as 'sterilization'.

    It's how sex essentialism plays into trans-medicalism.

    TERFs will argue that if there are any actual trans people, they must:
    • consistently suffer from gender dysphoria at all times relentlessly
    • want to seek medical transition in ways that they deem as 'fully transitioned'
    But then these medical standards put in place as a form of gatekeeping to achieve legal recognition of gender are then smeared as 'child abuse' or 'appropriation' or 'fetishization'. "Oh you don't want to go through x medical procedure? See, you're just confused and society is failing you for telling you that you're trans". "Oh you do want to go through x medical procedure? Your parents/doctors are abusing you by medically experimenting on someone who's just a confused young person".

    Everything lines up when you acknowledge TERFs promote an essentialism that's inherently contradicting to how queer people should understand how both gender and sex are socially constructed and fluid.
  10. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I came out as trans five entire years ago, while I was still a minor, and I have still received absolutely no medical support for it to this day. But sure, doctors are jumping the gun on treating trans children.
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  11. A literal psychopath.
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  12. Honestly... I believe she’s losing legitimacy with each rant she goes on. Each time she writes a gigantic twitter thread it only depicts her as unhealthily obsessed and under researched. I think in a long, protracted, unnecessary, roundabout way, she might be showing “neutral” people that she’s finally LOST the plot.

    Does that make sense? What I mean is that she may have managed to convince people with her first statement but the more she talks about it, the more obvious it is that this is a weird preoccupation for her that holds no basis in reality. I can’t see any sane, on the fence person looking at her tweets and being like... wow here are the writings of an unbiased and useful centre of knowledge.

    I’ve been on the wine but u get me
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  13. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    She's also haemorrhaging all her other questionable opinions, particularly on disability in this case, as she continues to bend over backwards trying to present her transphobia in an "agreeable" way.
  14. Reading her Twitter replies is a depressing experience but I hope you're right.

    The fact that the main actors of the movies and most of the fan sites are distancing themselves from her and she's still there, doubling down on these opinions... She really seems out of control. Also I find her alternating those rants with appreciation tweets about kids' fan-art very unsettling but that's yet another topic.
  15. Don’t worry, girls. I believe she’s backing herself into a radicalised corner that there’s no coming back from.

    She’s nothing more than Katie Hopkins with a positive bank balance now.
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  16. It's interesting that she comments on conversion therapy, given that her penname is shared with a famous conversion therapist.


    Did she not think of checking that before using it? Or did she check it and decide to use it anyway?
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  17. She 100% knew who else had used that name before selecting it, or her publishers would have at least googled it. There's no shadow of a doubt in my mind that her current anti trans rhetoric is the tip of the iceberg.
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  18. She’s absolutely disgusting. I honestly want to burn my Harry Potter books.
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  19. Donate them to a charity shop. People will still buy them for their kids so it might encourage people to not buy original copies.
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  20. Comparing LGBT to nazis <3 thanks for all you do <3
    Why is it when someone is accused of transphobia their whole damn personality seems to become obsessed with...being transphobic?
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