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Harry Potter and the Transphobic Author

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sam, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. I love Potter but I can kinda deal with the loss when I've read it a few times and kinda feel ok watching films 1-8 still since it feels like the cast's baby as much as Jo's.

    But what I can't stand is how I now feel uncomfortable reading Strike, a series I loved. It's so frustrating to know it's continuing when I can't read them without feeling like garbage.
  2. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I honestly find it fascinating that so many celebrities and public figures have fully showed their bigoted asses during the pandemic. Literally all they had to do was sit there in their mansions and eat their gourmet food and they just...cannot do it because they hate the fact that certain people exist that much.

    It’s why I’m very sceptical of the “we should educate people and let them grow and change!!!” argument when it comes to celebrities. Sure, sometimes they’re genuinely misguided or accidentally parroting bigotry that’s been instilled in them by society, but it’s been at least two years since the concept of “cancelling” entered the public consciousness. There’s plenty of examples of public figures losing their careers and reputations just from one tweet or Instagram story, and yet the likes of Joanna, Wiley and Lana have still gone through with their respective tirades because they just hate minorities that much. This shit doesn’t just come out of nowhere, it’s clear these are all sincerely held views that they’ve been suppressing for a long time. You can rarely “educate” that kind of hatred out of someone - you have to just walk away and let them suffer the consequences of their own decisions.
  3. The way she worded that new set of tweets like she’s fucking Karen Silkwood. Christ almighty.
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  4. My parents and I are about to finish going back through all the films (including the Fantastic Beasts films) and I was going to ask whether a Harry Potter Character rate would ever be a thing on the forum, but looking at the latest discussion (and title)...not the time? Oh well figured I'd put it out there in case it ever did become a possible thing in the future.
  5. pdf


    The problem with banging on about 'theory' is that 1) theory becomes outdated much quicker than you'd think 2) theory is not IRL. I'll bet JK has no actual real life friends who are trans, people she has an emotional connection and spends real time with. Suzanne Moore in the Guardian made the same ridiculous mistake, going on reading books on 'queer theory', as if this was in any way a substitute for listening to and getting to know people.

    One reason people like JK make such a noise is that they actually know they are dinosaurs.
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  6. This tweet is from the last time she popped off (or the time before that, it's happened so frequently I barely remember now) but it's still accurate

  7. https://mermaidsuk.org.uk/news/lgbtq-complaint-to-the-bbc/

    I honestly have no answer as to why the BBC did this other than transphobia, right? These are registered charities and sources of important specialized information for marginalised communities. I can't help but feel Lord Voldemort herself is to blame for creating this 'discussion'.
  8. What kind of back to the Dark Ages turn of events. How do things keep getting worse at this pace? Even beyond the politicians, where is the scientific community as a whole in all of this?
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  9. The Monthly clown show is once again playing her Anti-Trans jig. She’s retweeted this.

    Fuck off J K Rowling.
  10. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    A cis woman with a similar build could do the exact same thing, so I guess they gotta be banned from sporting too because of the way they happened to be born. It’s okay though, discriminating against even cis women with a certain body type is a necessary step in protecting all women!
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  11. I love witnessing cis folk trying to do the whole "so I can just identify as ___ and do THIS?!" thing, while knowing for certain they wouldn't survive a day living as an actual trans individual.

    Power to them for thinking it's bold to continue making these jokes yet not being able to name a single time an incident similar has happened to their knowledge -- sans some transphobic Facebook page saying so without citing sources.
  12. Like Female bodybuilders could snap us like twigs, does that mean they should getting to play Rugby if their heart desires? What exactly is a ‘female build’ J K Trolling?

    “I’m gonna identify as a bicycle” And we will support you in that Bicycsis....or we will mind our business giving no fucks but respect your right to be a bike.
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  13. The fact that she couldn't pretend anymore that she was "just concerned for the children, who will think of the children?" and now has moved to adults too. A clown.
  14. She’s the entire fucking circus at this point.
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  15. Reminds me of the whole "being gay is a choice!!1!" thing. I always follow up with "when did you decide to be straight?" and the next few seconds are beautiful to experience.
  16. TERFs: "Trans women shouldn't be allowed to transition, it's dangerous, hormones cause bone weakness and they risk snapping like a twig if they start transitioning!!!"

    TERFs: "Trans women are walking tanks and shouldn't be allowed in sport."

    Make it make sense.
  17. And the fact this is coming from a obscenely Rich, privileged White women against arguably the most vulnerable group in society.

    Abraka-Fuck off JK Rowling.
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  18. Sounds awfully familiar to the "If gays can marry each other I can marry X animal or X thing as well" comments that would come up when discussing gay marriage. Hopefully they will disappear over time, just like those. JK's and other TERFs' reputation though is hopefully tarnished forever.
  19. And you know what, if they can get a sheep to say wedding vows, sign a marriage registry and be deemed by a psychologist that they are mentally and physically competent to enter into this arrangement, I will support this mans Sheep marriage, yes I will!
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  20. The way hate for trans people is applied to sports feels very insidious. The fact that professional wrestler Nyla Rose is often bombarded with hate from transphobes and terfs about her unfair advantage in professional wrestling shows they don’t care about the ‘sport’.
    She’s just another high trans person they need to drag down and diminish with their hatred.

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