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Harry Styles - Fine Line (Album) / Love On Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. It's a bit... whatever to me. "I want your belly"? Okay.
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  2. The Zayn shade in his opening SNL monologue ddd.
  3. Watermelon Sugar sound suspiciously like this Canadian classic

  4. The SNL version of Lights Out stripped the song of any life. It was totally flat. Definitely not the way to sell the song (or tour tickets).
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  5. It's on YouTube.

  6. Yas! Love this throwback. Both singles are giving me mid 2000s alt rock. So we've jumped about 3 decades.
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  7. Look 4 posts above you.
  8. Both of these songs don't feel like much work was put into them. They both feel like 1 minute songs that are looped for 3 minutes. This one is more fun, at least. The verse here is pretty good. The chorus is nothing.
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  9. He was visibly shaking and nervous for Watermelon Sugar and messing with his in ear monitors but delivered a solid vocal.
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  10. “Watermelon Sugar” is dead on arrival for me as is that “Lights Up” performance. He did well in the skits but I’ll be surprised if this significantly helps his single or album sales.
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  11. Well, at least this is less pretentious and postured than Lights Up.
  12. I thought Watermelon Sugar would be a bigger bop than this.
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  13. Aw come on! He looks like he’s having a ball performance wise and it’s much more fun, joyous sound than his previous album
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  14. The negativity in this thread.


    The song is fine.
  15. Seeing him in that dog collar did things to me.

  16. They should have done this same skit but with John Hamm.
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  17. I really like Watermelon Sugar. I agree with the critical response here though, it does feel like a vague idea that has been stretched to extend it to just under 3 minutes.
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  18. He did well on the skits. The monologue was great. Don't care for Watermelon Sugar. Of course, i need to hear the album first to be completely sure, but I'm kinda starting to feel Harry isn't the artist for me. (None of the 1D guys are).
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. I like Watermelon Sugar. I guess I’m into songs that go nowhere these days.
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