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Harry Styles - Fine Line + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. Category is: The Grinch Who Stole Queerness
  2. Ha. The first thing I thought of when I saw those photos is what people in this thread would say!
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  3. And all of them are right.

    The Toxic performance was terrible. Him optimizing himself for his audience with covering Britney when she is making huge headlines again also fits so well. All I saw was a lad trying to make Britney sound cool while wearing outlandish clothes. Nothing falls together here.
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  4. Kermit goes to the clinic.
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  5. Smart. His fans will eat it up along with the makeup. THEE shrewdest man in music.
  6. He’s like dressing up a male StarDoll model in the stupidest shit imaginable. Queer aesthetics require at least a smidgen of taste
  7. He has a team that works very hard.
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  8. I have been a defender, but I've now hit saturation point with opening Instagram and being terrorised with endless pictures of Harry Styles wearing the ugliest fucking clothes and Dazed spunking away any credibility they have on a management-mandated caption about how "brave" he is. Argh.
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  9. If he is so brave he should wear these and go to a McDonalds outside Zone 2 anytime after 12 on a Saturday.
  10. I love this image sorry.

    No comment on the others nn
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  11. Him using perceived queerness as a marketing angle aside, they always put him in the UGLIEST dresses. Whats the point in doing all this if you can’t even do it correctly?
  12. I totally hear you, but I can't help but feel that someone like Lil Nas X or even Troye Sivan could turn these looks out. Ironically, it's when they cross-dress him that his lack of queer energy shows the most.
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  13. I find his bullshit so deeply irritating. He gets praised for "being subversive~" by playing dress up when underneath it all is just a straight guy who makes bland pop music and fucks models.

    It'd be less of a big deal if he only did it for concerts, but all these magazine covers and high-profile moments because he put on a dress is just... ridiculous. The bar is so low. People just eat up any old shit nowadays.
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  14. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Actually think the cover, like his Grammy’s performance fit, is his style sweet spot because it’s more of a take on masculinity through playing with style and form than adopting queerness like that absurd picture of him in the green. Regardless, more than anything, the queer-adjacent styling was never as modern as his team pretended, but now it’s really turning stale. He needs to reset.
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  15. At this point, I'm just calling him a homophobe until he stops.
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  16. Damiano does it so much better.

  17. The Grinch who got everything in the divorce.
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  18. Aggravating as this all this, the sad thing is he'll almost certainly never actually face any sort of consequences, because smart as his team is, they probably already have something like "I firmly believe that everyone should be free to live their truth without the need to label themselves, but I think I owe it to my fans to say this, the truth is I'm [whichever sexual orientation or gender identity would alienate his straight fanbase the least]" pre-written and ready for Hetty to post the moment the backlash gets too loud.
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  19. He helped a fan ‘come out’ during his concert last night, and it left a very bad taste in my mouth. Said fan held a sign that said ‘Harry Help Me Come Out,’ which is already not my favorite, so he addressed it by taking the Pride flag he was handed and telling the audience, ‘Who would like to help out this person? I’m going to wave this flag in the air and then you will be out. That’s how it works. I read it online.’ Which he proceeded to do, with the crowd screaming in excitement at outing this person. It just felt uncomfortable seeing a questioning Queer person give him that sort of power and allow a crowd of thousands (predominantly straight, too) do the outing for them when it’s something that is so personal.

    I will remain a heavily biased stan, but the performative activism of him grabbing every Pride and BLM flag he could find being thrown at him to carry around the stage felt… icky.
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