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Harry Styles - Fine Line / Love On Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. RJF


    This is pretty much what plays in my head when I see him sit down with chart-pop makers.
  2. I can't stand Zane Lowe. He's such a pretentious ass kisser.

    I don't know anything about his career before Beats 1 but that Beyonce clip tells me all I need to know.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. How can anyone be anything other than in complete awe after watching Beyonce perform live (in person no less!). What a complete twat.
  5. I wonder if Columbia has allowed him to 'redefine success' in terms of his record contact, because I struggle to understand how he can be profitable in returning on an $80 million contract, unless they're taking a cut of his tour sales?
  6. Or it's a complex contract and it was you will get '$80 million if you make us so and so amount'.
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  7. He can kiss my ass.

    And other things.
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  8. “Lights Up” reenters Billboard Top 100 while “Watermelon Sugar” debuts at #60.

    Hmmm... I wonder how the tour bundles will do.
  9. Well I secured my floor tickets today, so take my bundle money Harold.
  10. Can confirm the new "Treat People with Kindness" hoodie looks great in person. One of my customers is his merch designer and her husband was wearing it yesterday.
  11. Harry is throwing some Fine Line listening parties. There was one today in Berlin, and there will be a few more. Harry attended this one, but I don't know if he'll be attending them all. Despite how I feel about his career, I'm always gonna be physically attracted to this dude. lol Anyway, I hope None of these fans were able to record. I hope the music stays locked down.

  12. Now I need/want one.

    And who even uses tumblr in 2019 besides Frank Ocean and Swifties...

    Mama is perched for the alberm.
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  13. I like Tumblr. lol It's the best place to get Harry information IMO. I don't like Twitter at all, too much negativity. I think Swifties and 1D fans are keeping Tumblr alive.

    HAhahaHa SiS!
  15. Easy... $$$
  16. Lol, Harry news I should say.

    I've had a change of heart this morning. I want to be spoiled about this album.
  17. I have succumbed and bought tickets for his tour. I'm really excited! This year I saw pretty much only one and the same act live, so it'll be nice to do something a little different again.
  18. Paris Listening Party today.

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  19. I thought this was Bjork.
  20. So will there be a Los Angeles one, or.....
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