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Harry Styles - Harry’s House

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. Not sure if the infighting is true but Harry always seem to be the odd man out within the group (especially socially). His writing output might be mediocre but I can see him doing reasonably well.
  2. K94


    It's going to be white bread, MOR, soft rock nonsense and we're going to have to deal at the shitload it will sell.
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  3. Made In The Am isn't lighting up the charts, so part of me feels this will struggle a little outside of the UK.
  4. Here for an album that's half Bryan Adams and half Adam Lambert sounds.
  5. I can see him becoming a lesser version of Robbie Williams in a way.
  6. Harry seems the most popular one by far though so you never know. He might make the transition.

    I don't think Zayn will.
  7. Basically. I see this being sort of like Robbie Williams or possibly Geri proportions. One decent hit and maybe one middling follow-up, but not anything totally massive. Nothing like or anywhere close to 1D at their ultimate height.
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  8. Zayn doesn't appear to be going for mass/pop appeal (sadly but probably wisely), so he'll probably do well enough in his lane. Harry could go in a lot of different directions, I could see him doing some sort of Adam Levine/Maroon 5 and being the frontman of a middling pop rock band. And he'll do well either way, his fans are pretty single-minded that way. I read somewhere he's going to be appearing on Scream Queens as well? He's going to do what Nick Jonas tried to do and possibly do it better.
  9. I could actually see him more as an actor than anything else.
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  10. Zayn made the big mistake of slagging the 1D music and alienating alot of the fanbase.

    Harry isn't that foolish.
  11. Eh, he won't in the US. Their sales dropped almost 15% from 2014 to 2015, even with all the new promo, money now behind them on radio and the hype after Zayn leaving. The radio thing will probably hurt any of them the most with never establishing a presence on US radio.

    Add on top of it that they all (the 4 left) swore this break was just to relax and rest up, with them returning in 2017, any solo careers from any of them may seem as a spit in the face of their fans.

    I assume Harry will still have his most hardcore fans and maybe the odd casual fan, but the mature sound destroyed their sales over the years and going even further that way won't bring in sales. Maybe he'll get critical praise and Rolling Stone will call him a young Zeppelin or Bowie or whatever wank they do and he'll be considered critically a genius.

    Zayn has a chance mainly cause he wants to make popular music. The challenge is he'll essentially be a new artist (despite some fans from 1D) since the whole schtick is that this is the "real him" that we're seeing "for the first time". But give him a banger that sounds like Drake and he'll be golden and the new Zaddy of 2016.

    Basically, Zayn has the best chance of lighting up the Hot 100. Harry has the best chance of lighting up the ticket sales of a theatre-sized gig while Pitchfork and others call him a misunderstood genius.
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  12. SMG


    I agree with the Geri comparison, but Robbie was massive in the UK and Europe for much of the noughties.
  13. I was told from a reliable source that he's been taking classes for years and is on the shortlist for the Jagger/Rolling Stones biopic.
  14. Didn't most of them "forgive" him when he congratulated "his boys" on their single or whatever? I do think that it was fairly necessary to alienate some of them and start courting a different audience, which is what I assume the FADER interview and whatever else he does in the lead-up to release will do. A good lot of the 1D fandom won't be here for his sound either way.

    Louis fans probably still hate him, and will do so as long as the tweet of the year stays up.
  15. This could do well in the UK and maybe in America. But after the debut album era will be the real test to see if he has staying power as a solo act. I for one do not think he has it.
  16. I don't 'get' him, but if he wants to be a male Taylor with a little Mumford/Snow Patrol on the side, best of luck.
  17. I'm perched for the album title in capitals, STYLES. is upon us
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  18. I like this game. I'm hoping Zayn goes for Z016 or Zayngerously in Love. As for Harry, if his song titles are any indication, it won't be that great (a/k/a it will be self-titled).

    Some of my favorite album titles? Ooops...I Did It Again, Rated R, Sigh No More, Rumours, Ready to Die, Hell Up In Harlem, To Pimp A Butterfly, What Will the Neighbours Say?, Sound of the Underground, Songs in A Minor
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  19. This made me laugh much more than it should have. I'm imagining his head superimposed onto the Dangerously in Love album cover.
  20. It really could go either way. The media is on his side as he's always been the most high profile, gossip-worthy member of ID up until this year, he's well-connected in the industry and comes across great in interviews, I know it's cliche but he has the charm down to a t. On the other hand Zayn has stolen quite a bit of his PR thunder this year plus from what I understand Harry isnt exactly willing to put in the massive workload and promo required to make him really successful as a solo act. The music will probably be the deciding factor with this one but in any case I feel like he's always gonna be more famous as a celebrity rather than an artist.
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