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Harry Styles - Harry’s House

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 4, 2016.

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    Wrong thread, hun.
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  2. Hit era Mika is what Harry wants to be dd
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  3. Note to self - don’t browse the rest of Popjustice while you’re live tweeting a Eurovision semi-final.
  4. I really can't take another Zane & Harry sit-down between Zane's pyschobabble and Harry trying so hard to like, sound really... deep and introspective... you know? I will watch it because I hate myself.
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  5. 10 shows in New York and LA is extraordinary!

    How much are the tickets? I'll take a guess they're not US$500 like Madonna tickets?
  6. $500 is pretty reasonable for a platinum ticket anymore. After the pandemic his standing tickets were $700+ on Ticketmaster. He's also probably a hotter touring act than Madonna.
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  7. I’ve held out from the leak but is this thing still not out?!
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  8. Full Zane Lowe interview:

  9. God Zane is just insufferable. Could only manage 5 minutes of that.

    Excited for the album, though!
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  10. The way he doesn't answer a single question properly.
  11. Can he stop shopping at Gucci Kids 0-4?
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  12. The way I'm not even gonna click it to not give it any algorithm engagement, but still perched here for the draggings of it <3

    Maybe I will uBlock Origin the url for funsies. Or report it for misinformation.
  13. I don't really dislike him but he definitely went to the Jimmy Fallon school of ass kissing.
  14. How come so many of you have heard the album already?
  15. I watched the whole thing and it was an hour of him not saying anything, essentially.

    He's got nothing interesting to speak on, no strong opinions on anything, no artistic vision, no blood and guts spilling out into his work like other popstars with a quarter of his profile. By having a tactic of skirting around questions and only doing key bits of press he's able to essentially be this blank canvas that the media and his stans are able to project anything onto (a misunderstood artiste, a fashion icon, a queer legend and/or an ally, a breakout genius), fed with the right clever contextual cues by his team and his label. You're essentially able to piece together your own vision of what this popstar should be without him ever actually needing to embody it.

    The Coachella set showed he's turned into a good performer and there's a couple of cute hits under his belt but fuck me, there's absolutely nothing going on outside of that.
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