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Harry Styles - Harry’s House

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. And don't forget "doing cocaine*, uuuuuh so edgy!
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  2. Did the fanzine ever materialise? It was advertised as being part of the merch on sale at the pop up shops, but London didn’t get it.

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  3. For what I saw it was only on sale in America?
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  4. I’ve just listened to the album and honestly I was a little bored. I’ll be keeping Little Freak, Matilda and Satellite but I can’t see myself returning to the rest.
  5. Be interesting to see what the first week physical sales will be…
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  7. Considering Fine Lines was among the best vinyl sellers in the US for both 2020 and 2021, I’d say it will be pretty big.
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  8. U.K. Friday sales (excluding streaming)

    CD: 11,104
    Vinyl: 21,206
    Downloads: 2,248
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  9. Ah, that would explain it. Thanks! Such a pity.
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  10. I really enjoyed this album.
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  11. Patchier than I was expecting. Not bad but not amazing either. There are a few (uncut) gems and some nice production flourishes.

  12. He's having the success now that I thought he was going to have when he first went solo. When his debut didn't exactly live up to expectations (especially in the US) I really thought he'd blown his shot at solo superstardom. Kudos to him and his team.
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  13. Drag him nn
  14. As co-founder of Laura Phlooben's School for Bopping Queers and the forum's residential Harry Styles cock sucker i have to say this album bored me to tears! Why does Music For Sushi Restaurants sound like something Syco would churn out in 2015 to help shift a load of half price mini cheesecakes? Why is so much of it so low key and dour? The stench of nail polish remover!

    It's not that bad though, obviously. Late Night Talking and Satellite are really great and i get four songs deep into an album anyways before my marmalade brain runs out of patience. The universe her balancing ways!

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  15. I love Keep Driving so much, but the lyrics are so…dd
  16. HAHA at the Jagger quote, finally someone who doesn't kiss Harry's ass. He is good at what he does but the amount of praise and comparison to the greats he gets truly is ridiculous. If anything, this album shows he really isn't a good songwriter, regardless of deep crap I am sure his fans are coming up with at the moment.
  17. I did manage to go to the Harry's House pop up yesterday in London and thankfully the queue was only a ten minute thing and they had everything in stock in store so you can get whatever you want still.

    The more I sit with the album the stronger it becomes as well. I imagine the stadium shows will start with Sushi now and I'm so here for it.
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