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Harry Styles - Harry’s House

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. There’s less stuff on sale compared with the Fine Line shop though, they don’t even have the deluxe cd right? There’s no pop up shop in Italy so whatever, I bought the Deluxe Cd/Cassette bundle from the official store but still waiting for a dispatch email!
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  2. Grapejuice is fantastic. Rounding out my top 3 right now, with Sushi and Cinema. I find Late Night Talking unmemorable though? I can't recall the chorus at all.

    Dd can't stop thinking about this post.
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  3. I laughed so hard at that post and I would like it 100 times if I could haha! I like Sushi a lot but it really is just Uptown Funk 2.0 and again, the lyrics are truly something. Again, just ignore the lyrics and you got yourself a fine pop album, nothing more and nothing less.
  4. I love Disturbia!
  5. I’m really liking the sushi song and late night talking, but someone here earlier is spot on, I get major keep this fire burning vibes from the latter.
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  6. Yeah there's no deluxe CD on sale or any cassettes there but I didn't do the Fine Line popup to really compare. They also don't have the Zine edition in the London store which was really annoying. Still it's a cute experience.
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  7. Yes it looks nice! From the photos at the time the Fine Line shop had more exclusive merch, also the cassette boxset singed and other cute stuff. I really want the balloon tshirt, hope they’ll put it up for sale on the online store.
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  9. Second listen was pleasant. It’s pleasant.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    We keep playing this at work because it's selling really well but there is just nothing to take away from it for me. Background music at its most...backgroundy.
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  11. I’ve been listening all weekend and I think it’s a great album. The production is fantastic and his voice sounds gorgeous throughout. I keep returning to it so it’s definitely drawing me in. Late Night Talking, Little Freak, Cinema and Satellite are the standouts so far, but really there’s nothing bad here at all.

  12. Well.
  13. The credibility of Ed Sheeran...is an interesting comparison. I can't stand Ed Sheeran but he's certainly a "credible" artist that's sold millions and millions, won dozens of prestigious awards, beat world records and soldout stadiums. I'm sure that's more of a welcome comparison than a drag?
  14. I don’t think he’s saying Ed isn’t credible, rather that Harry isn’t any more credible which is sometimes the perception of him (see: the hilarious Prince comparison a page or two back).
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  15. No one is putting Ed Sheeran on fashion magazine covers saying his work is a transgressive rejection of the norms of masculinity, for example.

    They're saying Harry is framed as subverting norms, but he's not. He is the norm and we'd be more fine with saying that if he looked like Ed and less like he does.
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  16. Completely agree. It’s just a really, really good pop record. On repeat here all weekend.
  17. I’m not a huge fan of Harry’s but I do find him more credible than Ed. Ed Sheeran is so thirsty for hit singles in a way that really affects the quality of his songs. Harry is a bit boring but there’s not that reek of desperation (about his music at least).
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  18. RMK


    He's the successor of his own band and Shawn Mendes.
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  19. Some of these songs are even blander than what I want for background work music. I don't really need anything after As It Was dd.
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