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Harry Styles - Harry’s House

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. I'm cackling. If this album launch is uneventful then I'd love to know what you consider an event. I mean he's literally all over radio, the internet, pop culture, has the biggest song in the world, is dominating streaming, almost doubled the one-week vinyl record... what more is there?
  2. I understand it in the sense that while the music is unavoidable, Harry himself is largely… absent. Two TV performances and an interview doesn’t make for the most… exciting era. Obviously he’s in a very fortunate place where he doesn’t actually have to do much promo to secure success, but it’s always a bit more exciting when the artist themself is also inescapable on release week.
  3. Flexing on his peers? Doing something interesting? Having something to say? A performance that doesn't rely on a special guest to go viral?

    I posted not once, but twice!, that he's obviously massive and has a huge album and song, which is why I reached for a (not perfect) reference of a successful era. Maybe I'm misjudging and you all are fantastically excited about this era, but just reading the thread, it's not coming through.
  4. Being ‘excited’ about an era doesn’t sell records. It’s quite clear whatever they’re doing is working and that’s… it. Huge success. Anything beyond this is a bonus.
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  5. He did Coachella, the Apple concert, GMA, I mean the promo tv thing is history for most artists at this point.
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  6. Y'all are doing a bit much on @Someboy, perhaps it's a symptom of US v UK in terms of pervasiveness but I also feel like the album isn't scanning as this record breaking mammoth of a campaign that the metrics seem to indicate. This could also be down to the dissemination of music through media simply being less homogenous now, but it just doesn't feel as big as After Hours/SOUR/insert recent big campaign.

    And I'm on TikTok!
  7. Obviously just anecdotal but similarly to Taylor, Harry is one of the few artists people I know who aren't very online truly stan. Especially the girlies who otherwise don't really care for pop music.
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  8. It's just a different strategy. The fans are doing the promotion for him. I saw countless posts about his popup shop and he wasn't even there.

    To me, he feels everywhere, tons for media attention, but he's just doing a few select appearances. Which is smart and more impactful than calling into radio shows or doing the daytime circuit.

    Coachella, The Today Show, James Corden, Big Weekend, his Apple Music gig are all in-person promo slots though. I'm sure he will do more late night, award shows, SNL etc throughout the year.

    My "do you have TikTok" question wasn't sarcastic - it was genuine. This feels like a huge release, but maybe if you aren't on certain parts of the internet it wouldn't.
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  9. You guys are thinking of 2000 album drops when you left school to buy Oops I Did It Again with your newspaper round coin and devoted a whole month to that release to, well, 2022 things.

    It sounds like something that would play in the background of a video of the kids from Charlie Brown dancing.

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  11. This is such a weird, unnecessary comment.

    Anyway (and after this I'll drop it), I've prefaced every comment with how obviously successful he is, and haven't come anywhere close to using a word like "fl--". I know that couldn't be further from the truth. @chromatica mentioning James Corden did remind me they went viral with the video, which counters my point about not making any 'moments', and it's also fair to say he's not over-saturating the market, because he'll be doing the rounds twice more this year with the movies. It still feels like an oddly dry campaign for, what, one of the three (two?) biggest male popstars in the world.
  12. Ff if this is directed at me I was barred from secular music until 2007 at the tender age of 14. You can't beat me with that nostalgia stick!

    I think it's fair to discuss how the campaign operates and our own perception of it as most of us drift out of the key demo for pop stars while media also impacts how campaigns operate. I don't think anyone has tried to diminish his accomplishments, it's more so just interesting to see how the campaign scans for consumers of pop music when he is, as mentioned, one of the biggest pop stars in the world.
  13. Honestly I think Harry being SO aggressively mainstream/status quo/saying all the right things but nothing at all makes for an incredibly successful era without much impact beyond sales and his stans. What needle is Harry Styles gonna move? Last era used up all his ~in touch with my feminine side~ angles so Candance Owens isn’t gonna bother tweeting about whatever horrible frock he’s wearing. The music is perfect radio fodder but who is it gonna inspire?

    Lil Nas X and Doja Cat may not break all his sales records but are by far much more impactful cultural figures. Harry is too concerned with fame, fortune and being invited to the right parties to do anything truly impactful culturally.
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  14. No one here is denying Harry’s success, or that the promotional tools being used this era have been a major win for him, but I think it’s fair to say he’s been able to take a backseat through most of it. It’s a privilege he’s able to do it, especially as many artists are still omnipresent on their release weeks via social media, TV appearances, in-store signings, multi-city/country promo tours (it’s not just a thing of the past). But Harry is in the Beyonce, Adele, Taylor level where he doesn’t actually have to do much to garner massive sales - the music does it on its own. Unfortunately, unlike the aforementioned artists whose music does spark a ton of buzz, Harry’s material… is perfectly pleasant. It just doesn’t provide much to discuss or chew on, which makes things even less eventful when we’re trying to converse about it here on a pop music discussion forum.
  15. Agreed. He's effortlessly smashing. Album went to #1 virtually everywhere, he broke records with the vinyl release and the streaming numbers are insane. Not to mention a good handful of songs are killing it on Tik Tok. There's nothing left to do from a label perspective, it would just be wasting money. I'm pretty sure they'll push another single or two but streaming & Tik Tok will do all the heavy lifting from here on out.
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  16. @Someboy @Jonathan27 my comment wasn’t sassy, I really do believe album campaigns don’t really impact us as much as they do with his core base, teens to 20s 1D fans that’s all. To them it’s probably the biggest campaign for years.
  17. There's more to life than how big music was during those times, that's not to discret the campaign but every (social media) platform and company is fighting for same limited attention of the audience now.
  18. I saw his AirPods commercial that came out yesterday multiple times already. I think this is a huge campaign it might just not be targeted at you.
  19. Really interesting points here. This is, obviously, a huge campaign where everything is lining up very nicely - the lead single is a smash, the music is solid across the board, the promo has fallen well in line, and his public goodwill has never been higher (particularly in comparison to a certain peer or two of his). It’s an incredibly solid rung on his career ladder, and he definitely is more of a force than he’s ever been as a solo artist.

    In addition to the earlier point raised about the music not really offering much up for discussion on this forum, I think what’s somewhat at-odds here with other ‘big’ recent eras we’ve seen for other artists is that the release has gone by without any particular culture shifts or truly memorable moments, which is why I can sort of understand the sense of ‘business as usual’ comments. Everything just sort of feels like refining, rather than provoking or surprising. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that per se (and is probably territory Ariana would’ve found herself in around 2018-20 had her personal life not provided the added level of cultural interest that placed her atop the zeitgeist), but as pop music fans, we all do love indulging in ‘the era’ as a concept. That was the time X did Y thing at Z event, etc etc. And whilst there is an argument to be made about media consumption potentially shifting perceptions around how that is achieved, I think the combination of his last era having very long legs, and this album feeling like a very nice, albeit quite safe and natural step from that, has culminated in everything feeling like it’s sort of just moving along very well, rather than providing any truly touchstone moments.

    So far, that is, but as @1991 said, I really doubt there’s a whole lot more to do from him this year, other than just see things play out well with an additional single or two, and as a touring force.
  20. He'll be on the awards circuit tour for his two films coming out. I guess there will be more appearances but not music promo as it's selling itself. We know there's at least one more video filmed and I'm sure a magazine cover or two.
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