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Harry Styles - Harry’s House

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 4, 2016.

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    Liam just won’t leave him alone.
  2. I really like Sign of the Times, though.
  3. Just got back from the Manchester show. It was fantastic! He doesn’t seem very well though, missed a few high notes and seemed to be straining a bit.

    The set list is impressive and it paced well!

    It was amazing to be back at huge concert again. Manchester never fails for the single long anthemic moment, plus the sun was setting all the way through.

  4. Are his fans really going to his shows like this [​IMG]
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  5. More like this BABB8075-5980-473E-A626-234863B4A468.jpeg
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  6. Why are his seats so shit dd.
  7. He looks bored out of his mind.
  8. Those are the VIP seats, Adele was in the same area for the Spice Girls concert.
  9. Damn even celebrities get robbed by ticketmaster. They're just like us.
  10. They don't buy them, they are VIP tickets because security has better access to those blocks and other boring stuff. They have bars / more room and aren't easy to access by normal people.
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    Niall = always the relatable King!!1
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  12. Him not singing along to his own song is kinda sending me.
  13. Well they didn't even let him have a solo in that one...
  14. Just a question about the case bound CD of Harry’s House. It’s obviously only avai via his online store and is sold out. Will they eventually restock it, or is it gone for good now?
  15. I hope in a restock. I bought it as soon as it went online with the yellow cassette (it was a bundle). After almost a month and no dispatch email I wrote them and they cancelled my cd order and sent me only the cassette (that I’m still waiting) because there was too much demand. I believe they just forgot my order and when it was time to send it to me after my email the cd was no longer available. I bought the bundle for the cd since I have the first album and Fine Line in the same format. I’m livid and my ocd will end me!
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  16. The standard CD is so dismal and cheap looking that I just have to get the DE. I can’t understand why they didn’t make the latter for sale generally. Like they did for his debut. It’s a genuinely nice product. Why limit it?
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  17. I really have no idea!
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  18. I’m going to lose my mind. The “bah, bah bah” part in Music for a Sushi Restaurant sounds like another song and I can’t for the life of me place it.

    Twitter isn’t any help since everyone keeps saying it’s the ANT Farm theme song, which I’ve never seen.

    I feel like it’s a guitar or a piano playing the melody.
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  19. Played a second of Thank You by Diana Ross on shuffle and it came to me, I’d been thinking of You’re All I Need To Get By. Crisis over.
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