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Harry Styles - Harry’s House

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. I knew it, but I've read this post (and am slightly tispy) and now it's gone.

    I'm on this journey with you. Will update with progress.
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  2. His performance of Matilda at the Apple concert was great. It will hit 100m on Spotify tomorrow. I really hope it gets a push next actually.
  3. I HATE that the Fanzine edition keeps selling out and that I want it.

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  4. What’s the general PJ consensus on this album now? It does need some more bops (first two singles are great) but it’s still enjoyable.

    A solid 6.3/10 for me.
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  5. It’s not even on sale on the European store. I need the deluxe edition!
  6. It's grown on me hugely and it's practically made for hazy summer evenings which means I'm spinning it quite a bit. Agree it's a little timid in parts, and I absolutely hate Boyfriends (the worst kind of pandering that he's way above).

    Grapejuice and Satellite are my new favourites.
  7. Above pandering? That’s his whole Schtick.
  9. I'm actually finding this album to have huge replay value. I can listen several times a week without cherry picking. Boyfriends has really crept up on me, also Keep Driving. The only track I'm really not here for is Daydreaming.
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  10. The album was a 8,5/10 on first listen and it still is. Some of you need to stop listening to Capital so much.
  11. This remains his best collection to date for me. I agree it doesn't pack the same highs as Fine Line, but it works much better for me an overall package. There really aren't any weak points and the best parts bring me immense joy.
  12. Yeah I love this album, it’s been on constantly since it was released. Gorgeous songs and he sounds great across the entire thing. Definitely my favourite of the three albums.
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  13. I love that it's a complete package mood... yellows and pastels and an evening sun and a bit hangover, a bit sad with some bursts of ridiculousness and fun via dad rock and Christopher Cross chill bops.
  14. “Grapejuice” is the best song from the album honestly.
  15. The irony being that Capital play the shit of out Harry Styles dddd they've got three of his songs playlisted right now.
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  16. upu


    Music Video out this Friday

  17. Harry is problematic as hell and exhausting to support but Late Night Talking absolutely deserves to smash more than it has and join Adore You, Watermelon Sugar and As It Was as a signature song of his.
  18. Little Freak when
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  19. Late Night Talking feels like such an in-between single. Like, it's good, but there's so much better here. I wonder if it will smash or just do OK and clear the path for Matilda.
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